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Windows 10 – End of Support – Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 10 will end October 14, 2025.

Windows 10 – Most Useful New Feature – Windows 10 now includes “Quick Assist”. It provides a no-cost single user connection to either give or receive support. It has either screen sharing or full mouse control support. That makes many alternate remote support products no longer worth their cost.

Windows 11 ??? – The next version of Windows is scheduled to be released on June 24, 2021. There are rumors about a name other than Windows 11. Windows 10 was supposed to be the last version of Windows with all updates to that operating system being  released over the net as a service. Our experience with Windows updates is they rarely include significant new features and have the disadvantage of requiring users to learn where previously existing features have been moved or if they are no longer even included.

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Custom application software development is the right solution if you have a business process that is specific to your product or service and you want software to match. If your methods have evolved to precisely meet your business requirement then you want software that also molds to your way of doing business.

Our on-time on-budget software development expertise was built over 30 years. We help large and small clients in a wide range of industries. If your goal is process tracking, decision support, accounting, data storage and analysis, reporting, information communication or marketing, we have successfully delivered a solution that matches your need.

You are going to be pleased over the long term as well. We differentiate ourselves by designing custom software that anticipates changes to your process. We generalize our solutions so they can be adjusted as your business changes. Cost of ownership starts at a reasonable price and does not materially increase.

We work with the latest technologies which have proved over time to have the lowest cost of ownership while providing the best scalability. We most often work in the .NET development environment. Read why the .NET environment might be your best selection.

The Best Approach to Custom Application Software Development.

A team approach. Each Strand project is developed by a team of technically excellent developers skilled in several areas. The team is led by a senior manager who has at least ten years experience.

We provide teams of individuals so that you aren’t limited to the expertise of only one person. Your project receives a full spectrum of system architecture and design, database expertise, network analysis, code development and testing, code review and in-depth problem analysis resources.

We also feel that teams are the best approach because they ensure that several people will know your project intimately and that no single individual becomes irreplaceable. People get sick or become otherwise unavailable. This fact of life should not jeopardize the success of your application.

A proven methodology. The greatest impediment to on time delivery of a software application is an imprecise assessment of where the technical hurdles lie. We use a proven “On Time Methodology” to ensure that the technical difficulties are explored at the beginning of the project. We can then quickly construct a demonstration solution that proves that the material technical challenges have been overcome. We can all then be confident that the project schedule is reliable.

Maintainable, standards-compliant code. Our project teams are trained to implement for maintainability. They know the importance of coding standards and their code is carefully reviewed by their coworkers. Your team will learn your implementation standards as they understand and appreciate the need to develop to your specifications. We provide technical oversight as both a training tool for developers and as a means of ensuring high performance and maintainable applications.

Cost effective pricing. In the case where your project can be precisely specified, we can provide a fixed price for the work. We are experienced at managing offshore development and when appropriate work closely with excellent offshore development teams. We maintain a full-time team of employees and have additional resources available to meet your needs.

Knowledge sharing and training. We will freely share all information about the structure of your systems, the organization and relationships entailed in your data and discuss both their strengths and their weaknesses. We will be happy to train your staff in any technical area. With greater understanding of your systems, comes the ability to derive more benefit from them. We will then assist you in finding the most cost effective combination of our services.

Ongoing support. We know that you may need support so we are available over the long term. Our commitment to you lasts as long as you need. We have customers we continue to support who have been with us for over 30 years.

Contact us for a free consultation:

David Krumholz 609-642-4666 Ext. 103 Email

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Web based applications provide a connection to your clients. Web applications will usually supply and/or receive information that is specific to them. The information is normally tailored to meet the particular needs of your business relationship. Most often a security mechanism is provided that supports access to different levels of information depending on what you have authorized.

Online reporting systems provide your clients with information quickly and simply eliminating the time and resources that emailed or called in requests take. Your client can get the information when it is convenient for them without concern for your normal business hours. Online reporting allows you to service your clients 24 hours per day. If your competition is not doing that you are ahead of them. If they are already doing that you are behind, needing to catch up.

Web applications that gather data eliminate data entry bottlenecks and gather your operational data more quickly and correctly. You can receive data 24 hours per day and from anywhere in the world.

Web content applications allow you to present updated information on your website easily without the delay of contacting a web developer. You can instead update a spreadsheet, text file, or MS Access database and see your web content updated immediately. Make photos or other documents easily available to clients, prospective clients or vendors. Secure login areas can protect your data.

We use Microsoft’s .NET technology in order to quickly provide highly scalable applications. We have developed web database systems that support hundreds of thousands of users. Web applications can either access small collections of database information that were created in desktop databases such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel, or large amounts of data stored in Microsoft SQL Server.

One or more of the project case studies we list below are likely to include needs that are similar to yours:

For more information about web application development please contact:

David Krumholz
609-642-4666 Ext. 103

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Database development is central to all of our projects. Whether you are planning a Windows desktop or web deployment, your application will rely on information that must be effectively and efficiently stored.

A good database project then develops a life of its own. It starts with analysis and design followed by programming, installation, training, and user acceptance. But once it is in use it provides key information to managers who can extend it to ask ever more in depth and sophisticated questions.

For specific database development phases please review the information here on Data Analysis and Database Design. If you are unsure of which DBMS to deploy see the information on MS Access vs SQL Server

Another important decision is whether to design and deploy the project as a web project or a Windows desktop project. The deployment can even be mixed.

Feel free to contact us for a no-cost consultation to discuss your project further. We can explain the challenges that lie ahead and suggest how best to work efficiently and meet project timelines.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation to discuss your project.