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How We Work

A team approach.
Each Strand project is developed by a team of technically excellent developers skilled in several areas. The team is led by a senior manager who has at least ten years experience.

We provide teams of individuals so that you aren’t limited to the expertise of only one person. Our team consists of experts in problem analysis, system architecture and design, database modeling, network analysis, code development, review and testing.

Teams are the best approach because they ensure that several people will know your project intimately and that no single individual becomes irreplaceable. People get sick or become otherwise unavailable. This fact of life should not jeopardize the success of your application.

A proven methodology.
The greatest impediment to on time delivery of a software application is an imprecise assessment of where the technical challenges lie. We use a proven “On Time Methodology” to ensure that the technical difficulties are explored at the beginning of the project. We can then quickly construct a demonstration solution that proves that the material technical challenges have been overcome. We can all then be confident that the project schedule is reliable.

Maintainable, standards-compliant code.
Our project teams are trained to develop code that is maintainable. They know the importance of coding standards and their code is carefully reviewed by their coworkers. Our team will learn your implementation standards as they understand and appreciate the need to develop to your specifications. We provide technical oversight as both a training tool for developers and as a means of ensuring high performance and maintainable applications.

Section 508 compliance.
If your project might be used by public employees or be made available through government auspices it may need to be Section 508 compliant. When providing Section 508 services we go beyond theoretical testing – we do real world testing. Only a sighted user familiar with interface issues and computer language functionality, working in conjunction with a blind user, can truly uncover the accessibility shortcomings of an application. It is only by comparing the information conveyed to each user that accessibility can be accurately determined. We work with blind users familiar with accessibility issues, most with over 10 years experience. Together, we not only determine accessibility, we provide guidance as to how you can better assist adaptive aided users.

Cost effective pricing.
In the case where your project can be precisely specified, we can provide a fixed price for the work. We maintain a team of full-time employees and have additional resources available to meet your needs. We are experienced at managing offshore development and when appropriate we work closely with offshore development teams with whom we have an excellent proven record.

Knowledge sharing and training.
We will freely share all information about the structure of your systems, the organization and relationships entailed in your data and discuss both their strengths and their weaknesses. We will be happy to train your staff in any technical area. With greater understanding of your systems, comes the ability to derive more benefit from them. We will then assist you in finding the most cost effective combination of our services.

Ongoing support.
We know that you may need support so we are available over the long term. Our commitment to you lasts as long as you need. We have customers we continue to support who have now been with us for decades.

Contact us for more information:

David Krumholz
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