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Getting Started


We begin with no-cost discussions about your requirements, the history of your system, the challenges you face, your current technology, your timeframes, and your budget. These project discussions will help us better understand your objectives and goals. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly develop a clear and accurate picture of the project.

We apologize now for our ever-present wish for precise communications. We will want to make sure we understand the terms you use.Our attention to careful and consistent term usage will let us make your systems easier to discuss, design, develop, implement, understand, operate, and support.Our purpose is to increase clarity and detail.

We will discuss the infrastructure for your project. You may have, or need, a web or database server, an appropriate development environment, cloud or hosting facilities, mobile application distribution accounts, proper network infrastructure, and/or verified backup procedures.

In some cases, we may conclude that we are not the best development firm for you. In which case, we may offer suggestions as to a better path. In many other cases, we are the ideal selection.

It is important to quickly involve the production staff who perform the tasks being discussed. We want to avoid the pitfalls where a manager’s or database expert’s logical approach in any way conflict with the realities or details of the actual business process. We want to closely listen to and understand the specifics of staff concerns.

Our ability to provide detailed and firm pricing will depend on the materials you provide to explain your needs. If you do not have functional and detailed specifications from which we can work, we will offer our services to construct those specifications.

Functional specifications explain the new process and newly required subprocesses. During review of those specifications, we will explain project cost drivers and how they might be avoided. Asking developers to work from the functional specification is a dangerous and often costly mistake. The detailed specifications are the instructions to developers on how they should implement the functional specifications.We will provide a proposal for those specification services where necessary.

Once the specifications are complete, our subsequent proposal will describe the costs and plan for the services you might reasonably desire through full project life-cycle support.

Ready, set, contact us. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn about your project(s).