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Accounting Systems

Accounting system expansion, modification and interfacing remains a frequent need of our clients.

For manufacturers, we most often expand and extend accounting systems to meet the needs which arise from new product lines, additional manufacturing processes and changing customer reporting requirements. Order entry is often a custom process for manufacturers who need to provide specific product variations for their customers. Manufacturers want order entry to automatically create the proper transactions in their process and inventory control systems.

For smaller organizations, we provide software modification services for custom accounting applications written in MS Access. We also support older systems written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

For clients who are QuickBooks users, we help them get data from, or post to, their QuickBooks accounting system by using either the commercially available QODBC Driver or through the import of files that meet the Intuit Interchange Format (IIF files). Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) Files are ASCII text, CSV files that QuickBooks uses to import/export lists and to import transactions. The .IIF import and export utilities are on the QuickBooks File menu.

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