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Database System Support

We are asked if we can provide support for existing database systems. We can. We regularly support MS SQL Server, MS Access and MS VFP systems.

Our first question is,”Do you have any documentation?” The vast majority of our inquiries come from customers who have little or no documentation. The next question is, “Do you have all the source code?” If you do not have source code we can determine if the system can be reversed engineered but, to be frank, absence of source code is an indication that your system has been neglected and inadequate resources have been devoted to it. Similarly you may be faced with the situation where your former developers are no longer available and there are issues to deal with that impact your business operations.Unless you are convinced that you are ready to remedy the situation and take control of the system devoting the necessary resources, there is little we can do for you.

If you come to the conclusion that your system is sufficiently important that it should be properly supported, then we ask what problems you are currently having and are there features you are looking to add? If there are, we would want a written list of the problems and requested features.

Getting you a proposal for the work will require that we spend time reviewing the database (a copy will be helpful) and depending on the complexity we might ask you to step us through the system’s features and describe how the system is used. Depending on your availability it will take a couple of days to do the review and about a week to get you a proposal.

If your system was designed and implemented by a part time developer or a developer with little formal training you can expect to be surprised by the cost of the remediation that will be necessary. Although you may get by temporarily with band-aid type fixes, we cannot properly support systems that have severe underlying shortcomings and we will not take on projects of that type.

Sometimes circumstances prevent professional developers of well-designed database systems from being available or you may now be looking for a vendor with greater bandwidth who can be more responsive. If that is the case we can certainly help.

If you think that we should discuss your project further please feel free to contact us for a no-cost consultation.