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Custom Software Support

Custom software products and custom software implementations often require support beyond the capabilities or interests of the original developers. We specialize in providing support for custom software written by other parties.

Many software packages are the result of a subject matter expert working with a developer to solve a specific problem or particular business needs. Development often occurs over an extended period and the program grows in complexity as features are added. With the passage of time circumstances change and the developer may no longer be available.

If you find yourself in that circumstance we can often help.

We have helped many companies that find themselves in that position. Here are some of the custom software products and systems, developed by others, which we provide support and development for.

  • Visual Enzymics offered by Softzymics
  • Divorce Settlement Assistant offered by American Law Ware
  • A nutritional analysis program offered by a Princeton technology company
  • An order entry, billing and inventory system used by a mattress manufacturer
  • A practice management system used by a large Long Island law firm

If you have custom software that you use internally or make available to the market and it needs further development or support contact us to learn how we can help.

David Krumholz
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