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Opportunity thrives in an organization with highly effective technology. If you have unresolved IT problems or your systems are insufficiently robust to support growth, we can get that solved with our New Jersey IT Services.

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IT Service Provider Near Me in New Jersey

The seasoned tech firm Strand Management Solutions, Inc. has been assisting companies with their digital transformation. For many, it is the top choice of clients searching for “IT Services near me” in New Jersey. Organizations can benefit from our proven competence in strategy building, IT development, and the implementation of digital solutions that alter their internal and external operations most effectively. Professionals at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offer top-notch IT solutions to clients across the country with local access to NY, NJ, and PA areas. With our expertise as a vendor of IT services in NJ, NY, and PA, businesses receive the opportunity to gain momentum for rapid growth.

IT Services NJ

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers a great variety of top-level IT Services in New Jersey. Use all the opportunities to bring your organization closer to the desired goals by optimizing your operation costs, improving security, and accelerating processes with our IT development and support.

Custom Software Development

Utilize the advantages of our best bespoke software development services performed by true professionals to improve your organization's operations. Being one of the best local providers of NJ IT Services, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. empowers clients to realize their technological ideas and objectives. You can fully count on us to offer you the ideal, one-of-a-kind solution.

Database Development Service

We help our clients to overcome the issue of managing the vast capacity of data and its ever-growing complexity by providing superior database development services. Our database engineers can develop data architectures and methods that improve storing, organizing, and processing of massive volumes of data from many sources by comprehending the information flow. Streamline your operations with our database development.

Web Application Development

With the help of our professionals, you can build top-notch web applications that have the unique features your organization is in need of. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. takes care of delivering and deploying well-performing applications on a web basis but with capabilities of on-premises solutions. Make great use of our web app development offerings that are a part of the IT Services in New Jersey performed by our technical firm.

SaaS Development Service

End-to-end SaaS development services in New Jersey from Strand Management Solutions, Inc. enable companies to gain significant competitive advantages with the highest levels of security and productivity. As an IT Services NJ-based vendor, our company helps in creating excellent cloud-based programs or optimizing existing ones. Get a top-notch SaaS application to have a solid base for continual improvement.

System Integration Services

We organize a seamless process of merging your component systems into a single, useful system. Integrate your new software into your existing IT infrastructure to ensure real-time data exchange, reduce operational costs, and improve overall productivity. Our first-class systems integration services give your company the connectivity it needs to overcome any software or hardware issues and avoid disparateness.

Data Migration Service

To support your needs in the safe migration of critical data, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers the specialized services of experienced data migration specialists with years of practice. We help client businesses swiftly define particular needs, effectively offer flexible models, and quickly implement a strategy of transferring and archiving data that complies with compliance regulations. Be sure that all data migration processes will be taken care of by our skilled providers of IT in New Jersey.

Microsoft Access Services

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers complete service support and development for Microsoft Access databases. With our all-encompassing expertise in this technology, we can construct advanced database applications from scratch thanks to the rapid development capabilities included within the Access platform. We also perform customization and performance optimization for existing databases so you can expect major improvements.

Business Technology Consulting

Opting for our expert business technology consulting services, you can ensure effective digital transformation. Our skilled IT consultants always determine the best technological solutions for project implementation, staff and customer management, and other requirements. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. assists all initiatives in becoming practical ways for objectives accomplishment by building a working strategy.

.NET Development Services

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers the best .NET software development services in NJ creating adaptive online, desktop, and mobile apps. As a seasoned vendor of IT Services in New Jersey, we implement all our projects on time and on budget. Employ our skilled .NET developers to build scalable, high-performing applications for growing your business.

Mobile Application Development

Request mobile app development as one of the top options of our New Jersey IT Services to get a responsive mobile solution for the needs of your company. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. has considerable experience in delivering applications for mobile that meet the needs of clients’ organizations and enable efficient execution of day-to-day tasks on the fly from any location. Transfer your operations to our feature-rich mobile apps.

We Are Among The Top Tech Companies in NJ

By bringing valuable technical solutions to various organizations Strand Management Solutions, Inc. earned its place among the best business technology companies in NJ. Consider all the benefits that we can present to your organization.

Arrows image

Time Efficiency

Professional services delivered by top tech companies in NJ enable businesses to shorten the time to market for their solutions. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. always adheres to defined time limitations and releases requested IT products strictly on time.
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Lower Costs

With us, one of the tech companies in NJ, you don’t have to worry about your project costs going over budget, any hidden fees, or paid post-implementation licensing. We make sure to follow set spending limits.
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Improved Performance

Not only do we deliver high-performing solutions from the start, but we also offer post-deployment quality assurance. Our expertise in best security practices, cloud technologies, and top testing methods ensures enhanced performance.
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Excellent Support

As one of the top IT companies in New Jersey, we offer continuous support, optimization, and timely upgrades to keep your programs up-to-date. Specialists at Strand Management Solutions will solve any occurring issue in no time.
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Great Availability

Contact us and receive all the info about your ongoing project, timely reports, and instantaneous communication on important matters. We are available for you to express ideas and ask questions.
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Tailored Offerings

Experts at Strand Management Solutions, Inc., one of the best information technology companies in NJ, design our solutions to enable covering extensive areas of business management or focusing on narrow tasks according to the needs of particular organizations.
Modern and equipped computer lab

IT Solutions NJ

In our 40+ years of experience, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. has developed numerous multipurpose and specific IT solutions in New Jersey. Make your business and client relationship management streamlined and more productive with our IT solutions NJ.

  • Accounting and Cost Transaction Tracking
  • Inventory of Product or People Movement and Levels
  • Capital Project Economic Evaluation
  • Workflow Management
  • Process Tracking
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Currency and/or UOM Versatility
  • Membership Tracking
  • Client Tracking
  • Real-Time System Status Monitoring
  • Management Information Interfaces
  • Reference Lists and Extensive Data Validations

Your Reliable Partner for IT Services New Jersey

Our experience and skills in delivering high-quality IT products bring value to businesses. We are the most dependable provider of top information technology services NJ.

40 +
Years of experience
100 %
Reliable partner
98 %
Customer satisfaction
40 %
Shorter time to completion
25 %
Reduction in cost of ownership

Areas of Our Technology Service Provider NJ Expertise

As a highly competent technology service provider (New Jersey), Strand Management Solutions, Inc. has considerable knowledge needs businesses have while being engaged in different industries. We are committed to granting organizations effective technical solutions to overcome challenges specific to particular segments.

Arrows Icon Logistics and Automotive

To digitalize your entire supply chain, support advanced automotive technologies, and help you transition to sustainable operations, we create a complete ecosystem around your automotive and logistics software solutions.

Arrows Icon Finance

The goal of financial software development services is to aid businesses in the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors in increasing operational effectiveness and enhancing client retention.

Arrows Icon Ecommerce

As one of the best IT Services providers NJ, our firm guarantees excellent user experience, ease of business operations, and a positive product showcase within our ecommerce solutions.

Arrows Icon Insurance

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. works with IT and operational departments at insurance firms to address their problems and develop dynamic transformational projects using our extensive technology and industry experience.

Arrows Icon Warehouse and Inventory Management

In order to help businesses track, plan, or forecast their inventory demands or overstocks, our warehouse and inventory software experts construct a tailored management solution.

Arrows Icon Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a trusted IT service provider from New Jersey that offers full-cycle healthcare software design and development services for the quick and dependable delivery of first-class healthcare apps.

Arrows Icon Real Estate

We support real estate consultants and firms with designing apps for improved building administration, showcasing properties, connecting and engaging with buyers, and exploring new revenue models.

Arrows Icon Manufacturing

We are a competent technical service provider in NJ that creates software to meet the demands of manufacturing businesses, enabling them to expand their operations, organize their supply chains quickly and transparently, or enhance quality management.

Arrows Icon Government and Law

We generate innovations in the government sector by creating new solutions or updating their outdated infrastructure thanks to our extensive experience of collaboration with government organizations.

Arrows Icon Market Research

Our technical service provider New Jersey expertise enables us to make advanced and technologically supported market research solutions with a wide range of features, e.g. internal project management, panels to link respondents from different regions, designing of specialized surveys, reducing fraud, etc.

Tech Stack of Our IT Services Company New Jersey

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a dependable IT Services company in New Jersey that employs only the most advanced technologies and tools to produce first-rate technical innovations.


Utilizing the most effective technology for the front-end layer of your web-based solutions is crucial to attracting consumers and ensuring their satisfaction. The most effective tech stack is used by our front-end engineers to produce top-notch user experiences.

Front-end technologies we support
Angular JS


The writing, optimization, and deployment of the server-side code are handled by our back-end specialists utilizing the best time-tested technology. Our IT Services company in New Jersey guarantees that your software will have a consistent architecture, correct operational structure, and enhanced performance.

Back-end technologies we support

Mobile Development

By transferring our clients' apps to smartphones with the use of cutting-edge technologies for mobile development, we expand their commercial potential. With mobile solutions by our IT company, you can increase the recognition of your brand, consumer engagement rates, and accessibility of your services.

Mobile Development technologies we support


Utilizing effective database technology, our IT specialists manage different sorts of data by storing, organizing, and analyzing info. We employ relational databases, which provide us with the ability to quickly organize information and use it in projects.

Database technologies we support
SQL Server
SQL Server

Cloud Systems

We help companies move their operations to the cloud to ensure efficiency and security by utilizing the most well-known cloud platforms and technologies. Utilize knowledge of our IT Services company from New Jersey and the advantages of cloud computing to obtain a competitive edge.

Cloud Systems technologies we support
Google Cloud
Google Cloud


Our gifted designers create aesthetically pleasing interface designs for your solutions that are of the highest caliber and up-to-date. Our designers use the most popular and effective tools to deliver our clients pleasing designs and interactive prototypes.

Design technologies we support

Our IT Services Pricing Options

We offer flexible pricing models for our IT services so our clients can choose the most suitable variant for their projects. Transparency in price formulation and no hidden costs are our key pricing principles.

Fixed Project Price

Fixed Project Price

  • Fixed-price projects are available when functional and detailed specifications have been completed.
  • Many projects do not begin with sufficient detailed requirements but can transition to a fixed-price pricing model once detailed specifications have been completed.
  • Projects that require the replacement of one technology with another can also often be fixed-priced.
  • The fixed-price model provides clear budget guidance and allows us the efficiency of agreed-upon inputs and outputs.
Hourly Pricing

Hourly Pricing

  • Hourly pricing is available for all projects. This is ideal for projects where you want close day-to-day project management and design decision responsibility. We will help you with project development efficiency.
  • A reliable estimated price is available when specifications are generally clear but technology or other unknowns prevent us from providing a fixed price.
  • We will instead provide clear budget guidance, usually plus or minus 20%. Continuing updates on progress, budget, and changes will be provided. This is the best alternative when detailed specifications are not available.
Investment Pricing

Investment Pricing

  • Where we can understand and quantify the efficiencies expected from the project, we can remove some or all cost risks and complete the project with payments based on a percentage of the dollars you save from the successful implementation of the project.
  • Payment terms must be agreed upon beforehand.

Our NJ IT Process

Carrying out our NJ IT projects experts at Strand Management Solutions adhere to a time-tested viable strategy to deliver satisfactory results for our clients. Step by step we build your perfect software.


Project Requirements Including Terminology Standardization

First of all, we define specific NJ technical project requirements. Based on our market research, business analysis, and our clients’ requests our consultants determine functions, features, and tasks that your future solution should have in the project finale. We also make sure all the terms conform to industry and business-specific standards.

Reliable Cost Estimation and Scheduling

Strand Management Solution, Inc.’s team always approaches the scheduling and cost estimation step with great carefulness and meticulousness. We perfectly understand how important it is for businesses to calculate their spending and build feasible timeline expectations. Therefore, our NJ IT project execution team provides clients with all the info about realistic costs and development time without hidden expenses and unpredictable delays.

Project Team Coordination and Regular Progress Reviews

We gather the best specialists and organize efficient project management to ensure that all the requirements are followed and implemented in the solution being developed. To ensure key stakeholders that the work is being performed as it should, our PMs keep in touch with each client providing them with regular progress up

Expert Development

Our programmers apply their skills and knowledge to the full extent during the development process which always results in the creation of highly functional, feature-rich applications. You can rely on our programming expertise polished by years of developing specific software for different purposes and needs.

System Documentation, Implementation Assistance

Along with the perfect solution, we deliver extensive documentation with all the details about the developed product including manuals, reports, operating and maintenance instructions, etc. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. also assists businesses in the implementation processes helping to incorporate the new solution into your IT infrastructure.

Training, and

As a part of our NJ IT strategy, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. also offers user and employee training to help client organizations use advantageous features of our IT products as soon as possible. Reap the benefits of your new technical solution right after implementation with our training and mentoring offerings.


Is Strand Management Solutions, Inc. the most professional technology service vendor in NJ?

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. takes its well-deserved place among IT service vendors (NJ) as a respected technical partner. In 40+ years of our work, we have completed 100+ advanced projects empowering businesses to gain a competitive edge. Our experience in collaborating with organizations of different sizes and various business niches successfully makes us the best IT service provider in New Jersey.

What is the post-launch policy of Strand Management Solutions, Inc.?

At Strand Management Solutions we believe that software maintenance is just as important as development since it keeps apps high-performing and competitive. Therefore, our IT Services NJ package includes post-launch maintenance and support.

How do I choose an IT service provider in New Jersey?

Examining the overall experience and skill of the chosen IT service provider in New Jersey, as well as finding out about its former projects and technology expertise, is one of the most important factors in selection. This pre-collaboration research might provide you with a clearer idea of the genuine capabilities of the technical service provider from NJ.

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