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Utilize our system integration services in NY to leverage the analytical capabilities of multiple seemingly unrelated systems, allowing your organization to benefit from the combined features of various products and databases. Improve the performance of your systems by integrating APIs and implementing customized integrations.

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NY Systems Integration Services

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a trusted provider of systems integration services in New York with more than 40 years of hands-on experience. We focus on connecting different IT infrastructure components for smooth operation bringing business value to your company and improving your IT systems.

System Integration Consulting

Get professional systems assessment, top-notch strategic advice, and combine multiple subsystem components into a single, high-performing solution with the assistance of our New York-based integration service consultancy. Our team of specialists will work closely with you to develop effective strategies and plans tailored to your specific requirements and available resources.

Software Integration Service in NY

We provide software integration services that focus on creating digital platforms to facilitate fast data exchange between disparate apps. Our services enable the seamless sharing of your system and its data with other programs, using network connections or mobile-based applications. Our software integration service includes developing service-oriented architectures and the integration of enterprise apps with standardized workflows and improved efficiency.

Web Services Integration

Our team specializes in web services integration developing advanced connectivity solutions for your web-based systems. With web services integration, you can achieve seamless connectivity and communication between various components, including IoT devices, mobile apps, web portals, and cloud-based back-office solutions. This modern approach enables efficient data exchange and collaboration across different platforms.

Custom IT System Integration Services

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers custom system integration services in New York. Our professionals conduct a comprehensive system analysis and evaluation to gain a clear understanding of your current infrastructure. This allows us to tailor our solutions to your specific business goals. We provide a range of services, including modernizing legacy applications and offering specialized solutions to facilitate seamless integration.

API Integration Service

At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., our specialists have the expertise to integrate various applications and systems using APIs. We offer custom creation and seamless integration of API solutions to increase a wide range of corporate applications and operations. This integration results in a more streamlined workflow and improved productivity. By using secure API access, our expert integration services team will make sure that your business is integrated with essential data.

Data Sharing and Integration

The staff at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. frequently takes on projects that encourage data sharing across MS Office programs and various other data sources. Our clients employ database replication and other sharing techniques to facilitate continuous data exchange. We offer a wide range of IT system integration services in NY including creating database management systems for data integrity and merging data from multiple applications.

Benefits of System Integration in New York

The system integration market is witnessing significant growth as businesses worldwide realize the numerous advantages of this service. Embrace the benefits of system integration in NY to bring your organization to success.

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Streamlined business operations

When all corporate operations are automated and data transfers between your systems smoothly, your staff works more effectively. System integration benefits empower employees to make informed decisions and grow customer satisfaction.

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Accessible and accurate data

Real-time system integration ensures that you have access to up-to-date client information whenever you need it. The seamless accessibility of data across integrated subsystems also enables improved team coordination.

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Increased efficiency

One of the benefits of system integration in New York is the enhanced efficiency resulting from the elimination of time-consuming manual data entry. Automated updating of the central database significantly reduces time and effort. With synchronized data from other teams' activities, each department can focus on its specific tasks, leading to improved productivity.

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IT integration is widely preferred in open-source development due to its ability to provide a diverse range of interfaces that can be easily accessed as add-ins or plugins. This benefit of IT systems integration allows for a wide selection of available integrations, facilitating scalability and growth.

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By eliminating the need for repetitive tasks, system integration enables more efficient completion of important tasks with the same resources and at a reduced cost. It helps businesses avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of developing a new software system from scratch.

Our Systems Integration Solutions in NY

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., specializes in providing customized system integration solutions that are tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Our expertise enables delivering top-notch software integration solutions that encompass a wide range of application types, integration scopes, and deployment models.

Application types

  • Legacy and new applications
  • Custom software
  • Software as a Service
  • Open-source software

Integration project scope

  • Internal integration
  • External integration with third parties, partners, and clients

System integration solution deployment

  • Cloud and multi-cloud
  • On-premises
  • Mixed deployment

Approach for solutions integrations

  • Point-to-point model
  • Integration Platform as a Service
  • Shared database
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Integration Process by Our System Integration Company from NY

Our systems integration company in New York follows well-established methods and processes to ensure the smooth implementation of integration projects. Transparency is a key focus for us, and we maintain open communication with our clients, providing regular updates on the progress of the integration process.


Requirements Research and Feasibility Analysis

The initial stage of system integration involves analyzing requirements and effectively communicating specifications with the client. At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., our team of specialists understands the importance of ensuring a clear understanding of concepts and expectations among all stakeholders. We conduct a comprehensive feasibility analysis to assess the operational feasibility of the project and determine if all requirements can be successfully implemented.

Management Planning

During the management planning phase, our system integration company from NY collaborates with essential teams to develop an integration schedule, select backup plans, and evaluate potential risks. This ensures a well-structured and organized approach to the integration process.


Our software integration company in New York creates a robust architecture that integrates all subsystem components into a unified and seamless system. Our professionals at Strand Management Solutions develop designs and wireframes that serve as the foundation of the system integration structure.

System Integration Development

The system integration development stage can be challenging, but with our extensive experience, we ensure the timely delivery of your desired solution. Following the architectural design, our system integration company carries out the actual system integration, prioritizing data integrity throughout the process.

Testing and Implementation

Thorough testing and implementation are crucial to ensure the quality of integrated systems. We conduct comprehensive testing to identify and address any issues before implementing the solution in your IT infrastructure and providing access to users.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance is a critical stage in the lifecycle of an integrated system. Our New York-focused systems integration company conducts regular diagnostics to proactively identify and resolve any issues. This proactive approach optimizes system performance and ensures smooth operation.

Our System Integration Technologies

At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., we use cutting-edge system integration technologies to provide outstanding results and enhance the operational capabilities of your organization. Our team of highly skilled professionals in New York possesses deep expertise in system integration technology, enabling us to successfully execute your projects with precision and efficiency.

Oracle Cloud
Google Cloud

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What is systems integration?

IT system integration refers to the outcome of a carefully designed process aimed at integrating multiple subsystems, often with different characteristics, into a cohesive and comprehensive system. The main goal is to enable smooth and efficient data distribution as needed. To achieve this, many businesses choose to collaborate with external contractors like Strand Management Solutions, Inc. to provide reliable system integration services. By leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals, businesses can ensure the successful integration of their systems, enabling seamless data flow, improved operational efficiency, and effective decision-making.

Why is NY IT integration important?

System integration plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing reliable data flow and promoting efficient collaboration among departments. By integrating various systems and applications, organizations can streamline their data exchange processes and ensure the availability of accurate and up-to-date information.

What technologies do systems integration companies in New York use?

Most system integration companies have expertise in various integration platforms, database and reporting technologies, and cloud computing. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers a diverse tech stack that includes a wide range of programming languages, web frameworks, libraries, databases, and more.

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