SaaS Development Services in New York

Strand Management Solutions, Inc.'s end-to-end SaaS development services in NY give businesses a competitive edge with the highest levels of security and productivity. SaaS presents a significant opportunity for businesses, offering access to robust software solutions that streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Get a top-notch SaaS application to act as a solid base for digital transformation and continual improvement.

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SaaS Application Development Services for NY

To satisfy your company's needs, make use of the potential of a strong SaaS-based solution offered by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. With a 100% success rate guarantee, we offer top-notch SaaS application development services in New York that result in secure and reliable SaaS products. We provide SaaS feasibility consulting, application modeling, platform expansion, and support services, leveraging our expertise to help you identify potential shortcomings, save valuable time, and optimize costs for a successful SaaS project.

SaaS Consulting

In order to deliver professional SaaS development consulting services in NY, our team carefully chooses the most efficient project execution techniques, dependable methodologies, and strategies. We create thorough roadmaps and software requirements specifications in order to create a clear picture of your desired outcome of a SaaS solution. You can completely trust us to translate your ideas into an actionable strategy.

SaaS Product Prototyping and Design

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. creates top-notch UI/UX design for your SaaS application to ensure optimal usability and an engaging interface. Our proficiency in creating multi-tenant architectures will enable your ideal Software-as-a-Service to reach a scalability and availability of 99.98%. Our experienced design team in New York then turns the concepts into clickable prototypes.

SaaS Application Development

We are able to produce excellent SaaS coding because of our in-depth understanding of the best development technologies. Professionals at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. construct complex software and apps with the aid of our SaaS app development services in NY to handle your everyday tasks and make sure that all crucial activities are managed. With an emphasis on the high efficiency and security of cloud products, we develop top SaaS application solutions.

SaaS QA and Testing

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. guarantees that the outcomes of our SaaS application development services are flawless and that you won't encounter any issues with the provided solution by integrating automated and manual testing best practices. We continually give the testing stage of development maximum attention in order to provide expert quality assurance. Be confident that you have thorough testing and high test coverage for your SaaS service.

SaaS Migration

We carry out a full-scale transition to a SaaS business model while mitigating the consequences on the company’s processes and providing a thorough risk assessment without interfering with operations. Moving to a SaaS platform gives you agility, quick expansion, and on-time market responsiveness. Use our SaaS migration service in NY to take advantage of Software-as-a-Service's potential to open up new business opportunities.

Support and Optimization of SaaS software

As your business grows, scale your SaaS apps to keep them current with your demands. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers modernization and optimization services for your legacy solutions in addition to ongoing support for the SaaS software we delivered. Your Software-as-a-Service will undergo testing to make sure it satisfies all KPIs and specifications.

SaaS Development Process

We use the best methods and techniques when developing SaaS to guarantee top-quality outcomes. As we adhere to the transparency principle, you have the freedom to see and follow each stage of creation.


Discovery and Planning

Our SaaS provider company in New York conducts significant investigations to locate critical project data before beginning each new project. Our business professionals undertake market research to examine your industry, the main rivals, and competing software. Once feasibility is established for a project, our phased platform modeling approach enables us to identify any potential user adoption challenges proactively. A proven SaaS development process approach is then used to put together the project scope, which contains details about the core functionality, target market, issues it will address, and target audience.


Our UI/UX design team begins by examining the project's requirements in order to efficiently build the information architecture and wireframes. The design team will create interactive wireframe prototypes as soon as you give them your design approval, which will then serve as the foundation for the ultimate UI design.


Strand Management Solutions, Inc. leverages excellent programming while following industry best practices and procedures for the SaaS development process in NY. Our quality assurance engineers review it when functionality is complete to check for bugs or system flaws and fix them so you can obtain your fantastic solution without any issues.


Our experts plan efficient deployment as the last phase of SaaS creation. We provide documentation, migrate all important data, and introduce the SaaS solution along with all required integrations.


Our company offers post-release support and maintenance services that are always available. Experts from Strand Management Solutions Inc. keep an eye on the performance of your cloud SaaS app, apply updates, and resolve any problems that users find and report.

Benefits of SaaS

Many organizations across the world have already appreciated the benefits of SaaS development and now strongly rely on this technology. Explore what opportunities and capabilities Software-as-a-Service can bring you.


Of total company software use is taken by SaaS products


growth of the SaaS industry over the past 7 years proves the popularity of SaaS development


SaaS-based companies in the US than any other country


of organizations in the current market use at least one SaaS service


of small-sized businesses state invest in at least one SaaS app


of businesses say that all of their operations run on SaaS software

Two colleagues engage in a discussion about a SaaS solution.

Why SaaS Development in New York

Step 1.

Saving Money

SaaS solutions are commonly provided through subscription models, offering cost-effective options for your users. If the client base had scaled, you would not have been required to pay additional license fees, whether you were a small or medium-sized business. Because our SaaS development firm in NY has complete control over hosting infrastructures, maintenance costs are also decreased.

Step 2.

Saving Time

Because the program is already installed and configured inside, SaaS development is more favorable as resource configuration takes much less time. Once the server has been set up and configured for a particular cloud instance, your application will be active and usable in a few hours.

Step 3.

Scaling and Integrations

SaaS solutions offer flexible scalability, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Additionally, by providing maintenance and updates, you liberate your customers from the burden of managing software updates or patches. As a reputable SaaS development vendor in NY, Strand Management Solutions will help you with the capacity planning and scaling solution as well as other integrations.

Step 4.

Complete Accessibility

SaaS-based applications are accessible at any time and from any part of the world. We offer web-based access, application hosting, seamless application updates, and optional module availability to provide your customers with convenient SaaS solutions. Being web-based, these solutions can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating streamlined operations for businesses with remote employees or distributed teams.

Step 5.

Strong Security

SaaS solutions, in contrast to traditional applications, ensure the protection of your data. Each SaaS service is made accessible over a Virtual Private Cloud to maximize isolation even though they work in a shared environment. SaaS services are strong safety-wise since it is difficult to figure out and breach each VPC.

Industries Our SaaS Developers Serve

The NY SaaS developers at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. can provide your business with the greatest digital solution, regardless of the industry. Take advantage of our experience in different segments as SaaS developers.

Arrows Icon Automotive
Arrows Icon Real Estate
Arrows Icon Government
Arrows Icon Finance
Arrows Icon Market Research
Arrows Icon Manufacturing
Arrows Icon Insurance
Arrows Icon Law
Arrows Icon Logistics
Arrows Icon Warehouse /
Inventory Management
Arrows Icon Healthcare /

We Can Build A SaaS Application For

For businesses of any size, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. can offer an incredible SaaS solution. We are able to develop suitable SaaS applications for the three main business scale levels thanks to our experience working with a variety of enterprises and our in-depth understanding of their requirements.

Big-size enterprises

Our SaaS applications can be customized for enterprise-level organizations to include automated billing systems, customer assistance options, collaboration tools, and other similar services. You'll be able to focus on crucial business procedures that, with SaaS assistance, will increase sales and profit.


Thanks to the recognized potential of SaaS apps, cloud computing for small and medium-sized businesses is becoming more and more popular. It supports the steps your company is taking to streamline sales operations, cut costs, and better manage client feedback and complaints.


When it comes to startups, the total success of the business depends on the timing of the product release. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. can quickly create the MVP of your SaaS application and optimize it as you go after receiving feedback thanks to our experience in successfully finished SaaS projects and the appropriate technology stack.

Why Our SaaS Development Company in New York

Make use of our SaaS application development company's experience to advance your business. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. provides advantages and opportunities for growth. Utilize our professionalism and expertise to enhance your internal and external operations.

Experienced Team

A group of seasoned IT experts has been put together by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. with the shared objective of growing professionally and helping others improve their technology literacy. Their wide range of expertise will benefit your project, and it will enable our SaaS development company in New York to provide you with an excellent solution.

Timely Delivery

Our crew is dedicated to finishing tasks within the defined timelines and terms. At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., rapid SaaS development is accelerated by process automation and the use of the suitable tech stack.

Budget adherence

We 100% ensure to deliver your ideal SaaS-based product within your set budget limit. You won't have to be concerned about unforeseen charges or unexpected fees when working with our SaaS application development company in New York.

Guaranteed Compliance

We connect our solutions with recognized design, development, and maintenance standards in order to provide customers with top-notch SaaS solutions. We assure you that the cloud solutions we offer are always compliant and compatible with various pieces of technology.

Best practices

We only utilize the best means and techniques while creating SaaS apps in order to get the best outcomes and give you a responsive solution. You may count on our expertise to improve your initiatives.

Communication and Transparency

As a leading SaaS development company in NY, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. guarantees process transparency and regular updates on progress. You can ask us any questions you have about your SaaS projects, and we will get back to you immediately.

Our SaaS Software Development Tech Stack

Utilizing a tried-and-true tech stack, our SaaS software development specialists create responsive cloud solutions. Leave the creation of your reliable IT product in the experienced hands of our SaaS software developers.

Programming language icon


  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
Frameworks icon


  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • CSS
Servers icon


  • Swift
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Objective-C
IDE icon


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL-Server
  • Elasticsearch
Cloud icon


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud

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What is a SaaS product?

End customers can obtain software applications online thanks to the cloud-based software delivery model known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In a SaaS model, the software is maintained and updated by the service provider, housed on remote servers, and made accessible to users through web browsers, mobile apps, and APIs.

How to choose the best SaaS application development company in New York?

Pay close attention to a vendor's track record of providing similar SaaS products. Examine their portfolio, communication abilities, and understanding of business-specific needs. Look at the company's development strategy and its willingness to collaborate with you in order to completely understand your requirements and objectives.

What is the SaaS platform development cost in NY?

The creation of a SaaS service in New York typically costs between $20K and $200K. The following are the primary criteria that will impact development costs:

  • The complexity of your product will typically affect how long it takes to produce.
  • The size of your development team and the complexity-related skill set you possess.
  • The location of your development team's personnel.

Does SaaS apply to enterprises?

Of course. SaaS is an adaptable and versatile solution that can be customized to fit the requirements of any enterprise. It gives businesses a reliable and secure foundation for their software applications while delivering cost savings and increased productivity.

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