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Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers outstanding .NET software development services that cover the engineering and optimization of various apps including web, desktop, and mobile. Get your scalable and high-performing applications created by our professional .NET developers for guaranteed business enhancement.

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Our .NET Development Services

Gain advantages for your enterprise or startup-level business with our wide-ranging expertise in .NET services. We help to build and manage perfect .NET software from scratch or upgrade your legacy solution while optimizing its functioning and reducing costs.

.NET Development Consulting

With 20 years of experience in .NET development, we perform consulting services to assist businesses in finding suitable technology and matching it with their operational requirements. By choosing our efficient .NET consulting services, you can access a pool of knowledgeable consultants who will help you to build a reliable strategy and offer advisory throughout the development process.

Custom .NET Development

Entrust the creation of a unique digital solution to Strand Management Solutions, Inc., an experienced custom .NET development company. As a result of our cooperation, you will receive dependable and effective Microsoft .NET applications from our ASP.NET software development team to solve business-specific issues and deal with different challenges your organization might face.

.NET Integration Service

Our .NET developers determine the most effective method of integrating corporate solutions, ensuring optimal productivity and flawless communication throughout your software ecosystem. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. organizes and standardizes app integrations via service-oriented architectures and web services assisting companies in building consistent IT systems without disparateness.

.NET Migration and Optimization

We will work with you to upgrade and move your legacy apps to the ASP.NET development framework, which improves performance without sacrificing software security. Migrate legacy software with our .NET development services while maintaining its essential features and creating scalable applications to keep up with changing market trends.

Third-party .NET Customization

As a seasoned provider of .NET software development services, we can expertly modify a third-party .NET solution so that it perfectly suits your company's requirements. With our assistance, you can connect your applications with cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and add other third-party platforms.

.NET Maintenance and Support

Our .NET application development services include extensive support and software maintenance offerings. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. makes sure that your .NET software works properly, conducts performance monitoring and optimization, installs updates, and addresses all occurring issues.

.NET Development Solutions We Offer

As a result of our .NET software development, we deliver a wide range of feature-rich .NET solutions that astonish our clients with their quality and high-level performance. Hire our Dot NET developers to increase the potential of your business with the use of the best .NET software.

  • .NET web application development
  • SaaS-based app development
  • IoT solutions and Embedded systems
  • APIs
  • .NET Ecommerce development
  • B2B and B2C portals
  • .NET CRM development
  • Document management and Distribution
  • Databases
  • ERP solution development

Why Use .NET Software Development

It’s critically important to timely evaluate the growth opportunities that .NET software can bring to your day-to-day operations and fundamental transformation processes.

Cross-platform development

One of the main advantages of .NET frameworks and solutions is that they let programmers use a single programming environment and toolkit to write code that can run on a variety of platforms.

Libraries and plentiful resources

.NET is a sizable ecosystem with a wide range of libraries, developer tools, and techniques that aid engineers in finding quick fixes to problems and hastening the development of applications.

Great stability and security

Microsoft formally backs .NET safeguards its security and dependability, offers recommendations, and addresses problems when they occur.

Access to talented developers

One of the main advantages of the .NET framework for years has been the big market and easy access to qualified talent. Gain competitive advantages with our skilled .NET developers.

Why Our .NET Development Company Is A Top Choice

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. possesses hands-on .NET experience as our dev team has been performing application development with .NET for years gaining needed practice and mastering our services. Our Dot NET development company is your go-to partner that aims at ensuring top efficiency, pleasant communication, and outstanding results.

Domain-specific expertise

Your .NET programming needs are met by our specialists with unique knowledge of the best technologies in various IT fields.

Productive communication

Our ASP.NET development company pays extra attention to establishing positive relationships with clients and ensuring effective communication.

Flexible engagement models

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers a flexible and transparent collaboration strategy and models to choose from based on your deliverable schedules.

Saving time

Delegating Dot NET development to a professional .NET software development company gives you an advantageous opportunity to get your complete solution much faster than hiring staff for your IT department.

Quality assurance with on-time delivery

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. guarantees to deliver your Dot NET applications without delays and after thorough testing ensuring quality.

Goal-oriented approach

We share our clients’ goals in aspiration to develop and improve so we focus on creating suitable solutions to achieve all objectives.
NET Development Process on a laptop

Our .NET Development Process

Step 1.


At this stage of .NET dev process, we conduct a thorough analysis of requirements to make sure we define them properly. Then we start strategy and app architecture planning with detailed documentation.

Step 2.


We start the programming stage by creating designs, prototyping, and wireframing. Our Dot NET developers then perform coding with rapid testing adhering to the Agile development model.

Step 3.


After the development of a final product, specialists at Starand Management Solutions, Inc. help with the launch, monitor the performance, and fix any issues if they occur. At this stage, we also organize ownership transfer and documentation.

Step 4.


We ensure that your post-release ASP.NET application is constantly updated and performs well. You can get SLA-driven support for your software as a guarantee of top maintenance.

.NET Application Architecture We Create

Request a specific type of .NET application with the best-suited architecture to fulfill your needs and get the exact features you wanted to see in a perfect solution.


Opt for multi-tier app architecture if you need to prioritize the operational speed over the number and complexity of features. Such .NET apps enable faster and easier testing as well as cheaper maintenance.


This type of .NET app architecture is ideal for new projects requiring brand-new parts and microservices infrastructure. It makes upgrades, continuous deployment, and loading easier.


Cloud-native technologies and specific APIs can help to boost your .NET app's capabilities. It’s better t choose this type of solution architecture for large-size applications that need scalability and interconnection.

We Have Expertise In Various .NET Development Tools

Specialists at Starand Management Solutions, Inc. have great expertise in using essential .NET developer tools. Access the skills and .NET experience of our developers to get the specific program your business requires for advancement.

Programming language icon

.NET Programming Languages

  • C#
  • F#
  • Visual Basic
Frameworks icon

Frameworks and Platforms

  • .NET Framework
  • ASP.NET Webforms
  • ASP.NET MVC Core
  • .NET Core
Servers icon


  • SQL-Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
IDE icon


  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
Cloud icon


  • Google Cloud
  • AWS
  • Azure

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What is a .NET app?

Software programs created with the .NET developer platform are called .NET Applications. Microsoft designed the Dot NET as a free, open-source development platform that enables the creation of numerous cross-platform apps.

What is the difference between .NET and ASP.NET?

The primary distinction between .NET and ASP.NET is that .NET is a software framework that enables the creation, deployment, and execution of applications, whereas ASP.NET is a component of .NET that enables the development of dynamic web applications.

What app can you build with ASP.NET application development?

With Microsoft .NET software development kit you can create basically any type of application whether it’s customized desktop software or a mobile app. As a .NET development is a framework with a wide range of capabilities, you can also use various tools, libraries, and editors to create what you need. Here are the most common categories of Dot NET applications to create:

  • ERP and project management solutions
  • Software based on AI, ML, and IoT technologies
  • Advanced tech applications
  • Gaming apps
  • Model-view-controller architecture applications

How much does .NET development cost?

.NET dev companies usually provide individual pricing for each project evaluating different criteria like the project scale and duration, required technologies, the size of the dev team, complexity of the development, and some others. To know the .NET dev cost by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. contact us to discuss your ideas and get a quote.

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