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For top-notch data migration services in New York, request the assistance of the trusted experts at Strand Management Solutions Inc. With over 40 years of experience in Migration as a Service, we offer comprehensive knowledge and skills to fulfill the diverse goals of data management innovation.

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Our NY Data Migration Services

When it comes to migrating data, Strand Management Solutions Inc. is the trusted choice for a seamless and secure process. Our top-notch data migration services in NY ensure improved data management through the implementation of innovative technologies, enhancing security and efficiency. With our solutions, you can confidently achieve seamless transitions and unlock the full potential of your data assets.

Data Migration Consultancy

Strand Management Solutions Inc. is a reputable data migration consultancy that empowers enterprise firms to leverage the power of their data for success. With our innovative strategies and holistic approach to data ecosystems, we enable clients to embrace innovation, seize growth opportunities, and achieve their goals. Our expertise, combined with advanced data migration technology, ensures exceptional outcomes across the entire data value chain.

Application Migration Service

Our application migration services are designed to facilitate the seamless transition of businesses' applications to the cloud, enhancing their resilience, scalability, and availability. We provide various implementation options, including public and private cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud architectures, to cater to diverse needs. With our deep expertise in data adoption methods, data migration service procedures, and management tools, we are fully equipped to assist your organization in efficiently operating newly migrated applications.

Cloud Data Migration

At Strand Management Solutions, we leverage the capabilities of top cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, and more to deliver reliable cloud-to-cloud and on-premise server-to-cloud migrations. Our cloud database migration services in NY offer businesses enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost savings compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure. With our expertise and skills, we ensure a seamless data migration process, enabling businesses to unlock the benefits of the cloud effectively.

Custom Database Migration Services

With our vast experience in providing custom database migration services, we specialize in facilitating a seamless and efficient transfer of your databases and application stack, minimizing downtime. Our capabilities enable clients to migrate application data across different platforms, operating systems, and databases of the same platforms (homogeneous migration) to create a unified database. We prioritize streamlining the critical elements of your migration, ensuring excellent results for our custom data migration services in New York.

Enterprise System Migration Services

When it comes to migrating data from your legacy enterprise system to a new one, our data migration service in NY is the ideal choice. We adhere to standardized data preparation methods, use the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) practice, and maintain data integrity and quality throughout the migration process. We have a successful track record of implementing data migrations and system transitions across various platforms, including content management systems, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning.

Data Migration Service Near Me in NY

If you're in New York and searching for a reliable "data migration service near me," Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is here to meet your needs. As a trusted provider of professional data migration services near New York City, Philadelphia, and Trenton, as well as throughout the United States, we offer customized solutions tailored to your business requirements.

We Are Your Go-To Data Migration Company in New York

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., a reputable data migration company in New York, has been a trusted partner in assisting client organizations with their digital transformation for over 40 years. We believe that data migration presents an opportunity to unlock the maximum value of your organization's data. Our data migration company in NY ensures a proficient and comprehensive data transfer that focuses on quality control, consistency, and continuous improvement. The migration approach developed by our professionals goes beyond replication and transfer, delivering strategies that meet both immediate needs and long-term optimization.

Two employees are discussing the Benefits of Database Migration

Benefits of Database Migration Service NY

Many organizations have already experienced the benefits of our database migration service in New York, offered by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. By utilizing our professional solutions, you can improve your data flow and management, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in the market. Trust us to deliver top-notch database migration services that are tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Saving costs

Our professional database migration service in NY helps businesses save costs by transitioning from outdated databases to modern and efficient ones, minimizing the risk of expensive service disruptions.

Enhanced performance

Migrating data to the cloud enhances productivity by providing faster decision-making and improved performance, allowing organizations to maximize the value of their data.


Newer data systems with advanced features and improved structures, often available in the cloud, offer benefits such as easy accessibility, reduced hardware and network responsibilities, automated backup and recovery, and regular updates with new features.

Reliable backup

Benefits of database migration service in NY include streamlined backup and recovery processes. We provide businesses with dependable data backup options and efficient data management tools to protect against data loss.

Facilitated maintenance

By delegating routine maintenance, system updates, and administrative tasks to a reliable service provider, like Strand Management Solutions, Inc., businesses can save valuable time and focus on their core operations.

Better security

Our database migration solutions prioritize security, enabling businesses to establish robust security policies, control access, detect and prevent data loss, and proactively identify and mitigate potential threats to their systems and data.

Our NY Data Migration Process

We offer a comprehensive data migration plan that serves as a solid starting point for most migration projects. Our approach emphasizes the importance of conducting a thorough evaluation and meticulous planning to ensure seamless execution and successful outcomes for your data migration process in New York.

Formation of a migration team, migration plan review, approval, and subsequent updates.
Current system analysis and creation of the new system requirements.
Current data structure analysis and review of expected updates of the future system.
Preliminary vendor and software investigations.
Data migration planning with data transfer automation for system testing and subsequent production release.
Designing a detailed testing plan that includes test case construction.
Further software investigation, and vendor discussions on the evaluation and testing plans.
Identification of system modification requirements.
Staff reviews to insure fulfillment of needs.
Vendor proposal review.
Review of the implementation plan by the vendor.
Final vendor and software selection.
System testing plan implementation and results reviews.
Production transition plan.
Personnel training.
Dual system operation comparisons.
Final implementation.

Data Migration Tools in Our Tech Stack

At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., our professionals utilize highly efficient database migration tools to ensure smooth transitions. With the help of top-notch database migration software, we have successfully executed numerous data migrations in NY, including transitions involving MS Office products. Our expertise encompasses various migration scenarios, such as moving from MS Excel to MS Access, transitioning from MS Access to SQL Server, and adopting industry-leading solutions from other products.

MS Excel
MS Excel
MS Access
MS Access
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud

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What are data migration services?

Data migration services refer to the process of transferring a significant amount of data from an old system to a new one. At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., we specialize in executing successful data migration projects in New York. Our services encompass various types of data migration, including the migration of data from legacy platforms to updated or new solutions, consolidation of fragmented systems into a unified database, and migration from legacy enterprise applications to the cloud.

How much does data migration cost in NY?

The cost of data migration in New York can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, the scale of the data, the technology involved, and specific requirements. We provide customized estimates based on your unique needs. Contact us to get an accurate cost assessment for your data migration project.

What are the main 4 types of data migration?

The four main types of data migration are database migration, application migration, cloud migration, and storage migration. At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., we have the expertise and capabilities to handle projects in any of these data migration categories.

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