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Employ the greatest technology expertise and innovation-focused minds from Stand Management Solutions to develop a comprehensive IT strategy. With the aid of our knowledgeable IT consulting NY services, you will be set up for success in achieving your corporate goals.

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IT Consulting Services NY

We are the most qualified provider of IT consulting services in New York with more than 40 years of experience. To support the growth, improvement, and safety of your tech infrastructure, the specialists at Strand Management Solutions make great use of their extensive business technology consulting expertise.

All-inclusive IT Consulting

Use the opportunities provided by our NY IT consulting services to your advantage. We offer unique methods to boost productivity across your entire IT systems. Our skilled consultants build effective plans for your network, cloud, technology and software development, security, project management, and more, letting you focus on more important tasks at hand to manage your organization.

Cloud Consulting

With the assistance of a knowledgeable vendor of IT consulting in NY, such as Strand Management Solutions, Inc., you can ensure seamless innovation and scaling of your business in the cloud. Your cloud environment will run at its most effective level. Our tried-and-true approach and technological know-how will give you constant access to your big data and apps for overcoming challenges and enhancing ROI.

IT Strategy Consulting

To guide you in making smart investments in effective IT solutions, we develop comprehensive strategies as part of our IT strategy consulting services. Our strategic IT consulting service in New York involves creating detailed strategies that outline the necessary procedures to achieve specific targets. As part of our IT planning process, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. incorporates IT budgeting, carefully considering all available resources, assets, and potential costs.

IT Management Consulting

Our IT management consulting advisory enables you to create the optimal solution that enhances your company's management efficiency. By aligning your product management with current market trends, Strand Management Solutions, Inc.'s IT consulting services in NY help attract customers and increase your return on investment. Our management IT advisory services are beneficial to businesses across various industries.

IT Training and Mentoring

Empower your staff with the necessary knowledge to confidently operate your IT infrastructure, maximize technology benefits, and effectively address issues through a deeper understanding of processes. Strand Management Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of IT consulting services in New York, ensures that your staff receives comprehensive security awareness and technology training. Our main goal is to improve skills of your staff and overall productivity.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

As part of our IT consulting services in NY, we offer comprehensive IT infrastructure assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of various components in your IT system. Our aim is to help you identify any issues or vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure that could potentially result in unforeseen costs. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. provides expert guidance and recommends suitable IT solutions to strengthen weak spots in your infrastructure and reduce expenses.

IT Security Consulting New York

As experienced professionals in NY IT consulting services, we ensure the reliability and strength of your security system against hacker attacks and data breaches. By using our IT security consulting service for risk assessment, you can strengthen client relationships and guarantee the privacy of their data. Our company does multilevel testing to evaluate your security system, identify its weaknesses, and develop a working risk management strategy.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. provides expert data backup and disaster recovery as part of our IT consulting services in NY. Our top IT consultants help prevent operational disruption caused by data loss or damage by implementing regular backups and comprehensive disaster recovery plans. This solution protects businesses from reputational harm by offering strategies to secure critical data.

Your Go-To IT Consulting Company in New York

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., an experienced IT consulting company in NY, has been assisting client firms in their transition to a digital business model for many years. Our expertise in strategy formulation, IT infrastructure assessment, and advisory on digital solutions ensures accelerated business development. Our IT consulting company has professionals on staff who offer advice to customers across the country, in New York as well as in New Jersey, where our HQ is located. As a top IT consulting provider, we continuously identify the best technical solutions for projects, staff and client management, and other demands. Our primary focus is to assist in the development of IT strategy.

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We Are Your Top IT Consultant NY

Our IT consultants in New York are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions and support for your technology adoption, management, and maintenance needs. By using the expertise and recommendations of our IT professionals, we can improve your ability to grow your business.

Our top IT consultants in NY offer valuable insights and recommendations With their extensive knowledge in various tech-related areas.
By providing access to IT resources on a flexible basis, our services increase cost-effectiveness, eliminating the need for hiring permanent in-house professionals.
You can employ our IT specialists for short-term or long-term projects, depending on your specific requirements and needs.
We provide all-inclusive tech guidance to help you implement your business plan effectively.
Our IT experts will recommend the methods and tools to update your current environment with the least amount of disruption and at a reasonable price.
Your current business and operations will run more smoothly if you work with IT specialists at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. transitioning to modern technologies.
You won't need to be concerned about the efficiency and security of your IT systems thanks to the accurate assessment and testing provided by our NY IT infrastructure consultant service, which helps identify issues and determine how to solve them.

Consulting Process by Our IT Consulting Firm in New York

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., one of the most experienced IT consulting firms, adheres to proven service delivery methods. With our dedicated assistance, we empower clients to reach their specific goals.



Strand Management Solutions, Inc., one of the most experienced IT consulting firms in NY, starts every project with a thorough analysis of the requirements and a feasibility study, as well as a review of the client's infrastructure to determine its strengths and weaknesses.


We create a working strategy by connecting the transformation concept and the client's business model with the greatest skills of our experts.

Execution Plan

As soon as the strategy is formed, we create a detailed plan that details the key stakeholders, deadlines, budget limits, roles, and technology stack required to achieve the desired goals

Resource Distribution

The resource distribution experts in our IT consulting firm are experienced in efficiently allocating available resources and are skilled to deal with the difficulties of working under limitations.


Strand Management Solutions, Inc., one of the best IT consulting firms in New York, is a professional in the implementation of the chosen strategy, manages the process, and monitors progress.


We ensure continuous improvement and alignment with company objectives throughout the implementation process and after.

Industries Our IT Consultancy in NY Covers

Work with a reputable NY IT consultancy that is experienced in your industry. Strand Management Solutions, Inc., one of the top-tier tech consultancies in New York, has vast experience working with many industries.

Arrows Icon Insurance
Arrows Icon Real Estate
Arrows Icon Government / Law
Arrows Icon Finance
Arrows Icon Market Research
Arrows Icon Manufacturing
Arrows Icon Warehouse / Inventory
Arrows Icon Healthcare /
Arrows Icon Automotive /

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Why choose Strand Management Solutions, Inc. to be your provider of IT consulting in NY?

We handle each IT plan differently, putting our clients' needs first. For your small business, we offer entirely customized managed IT consultant services. Strand Management Solutions, Inc.'s IT consultants team is made up of skilled experts with more than 40 years of IT experience. Additionally, we offer technical staff training to boost performance even more.

Why use New York IT consulting services from Strand Management Solutions, Inc. instead of my in-house IT staff?

The goal of Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is to support your existing team, not to replace it. In addition to conducting research on the goods and services required to address those needs and provide implementation support, our personnel assists with the needs assessment. Our IT consulting company in NY is ready to assist you if you need assistance with projects that you either don't have time for or don't think quite fit within the realm of your competence.

How long do I need IT consulting in New York?

Depending on your circumstances, you can require the assistance of an IT consultant for a short while or for a long time. The professionals at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. are ready for longer IT networking projects that could take more than a year as well as software installs that only take one day.

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