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Your business can successfully digitalize both internal and external processes with the aid of Strand Management Solutions, Inc.'s experienced web application services in NY. Work with a dependable web application development service provider, like us, to advance your managerial and operational abilities.

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Web App Development Services in NY

For businesses of all sizes and in all sectors, we offer comprehensive web application development services in New York that help them accomplish their objectives. You invest in both the creation of a successful web-based solution and the general success of your business requesting our design of a creative web application for you.

Web App Development Consulting

Our web application consulting service in NY is specifically made to help organizations assess their current business requirements and initiatives in order to turn them into successful web-based software development strategies. We choose the best infrastructure, architectures, and programming languages for all of our web-based projects.

Web Application Design

One of the expert web application designing services in New York offered by Strand Management, Inc. is custom UI/UX design and prototyping. Our specialists create original and adaptable web app designs that, depending on the customer's objectives, encourage speedy adoption, establish consistency in a user interface, and appeal to all or specific target audience segments.

Front-end Web App Development

Professional front-end developers at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. create client-side web apps that are feature-rich without compromising efficiency to guarantee flawless user interaction with your web solution. Together with our UX designers, they produce engaging user experiences by designing aesthetically pleasing user interfaces with simple navigation.

Back-end Web App Development

The group of knowledgeable back-end developers working to provide web application development services makes sure that the back-end of your web-based product safely follows business logic and manages data loading. Our skilled web app developers and architects create solid back-ends for web apps while taking into account cutting-edge security, flexible integration, and innovative data structures.mind.

Custom Web Application Development for Enterprises

By creating specific web-based apps and systems, our enterprise web application development service in New York can significantly improve the overall performance of your business. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is also prepared to review, modify, or convert your present web application to new technologies in order to improve efficiency and boost functionality.

Web App Maintenance

As a provider of web app development services in NY, we take on responsibility for not just the development phase but also maintenance and continuous support. We collaborate with you to maintain web-based applications that were either created by us or by third-party vendors. We can easily handle any task, from correcting problems to introducing new features to improving performance and keeping your web-based application up to date.

Why Our Web Application Development Company in NY

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., a top web application development company in New York with over 40 years of experience, provides organizations in a range of industries with end-to-end web app development. After assessing your project's needs, our specialists with expertise in bespoke web application development will provide you with software that is user-friendly, scalable, and secure.

All-encompassing expertise

Our firm excels in the creation of web applications and has a thorough understanding of modern web technologies, application categories, and business needs. In order to meet client needs, our development team stays current with the latest technological developments and market trends.

Individualized approach

When you employ the professional services of our web apps development company in NY, you obtain a personalized approach to your project and a high-performing web-based program developed to assist your organization in achieving desired objectives.

Best practices

We continuously enhance our projects by routinely exchanging customer feedback in accordance with the best principles of the Agile methodology. Our team provides exceptional web apps that are results-driven and follow a tried-and-true methodology.

Better client experience

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., one of the top web application development companies in New York, provides clients and businesses with stability, dependability, and improved usability. Our web solutions have a straightforward workflow, fast response times, adaptable architecture, and customer-centered designs.

Male programmer developing web applications illuminated by the light of a laptop screen in a dark room.

Features of Our Web Application Development Solutions NY

Our NY web app solutions provide client companies with tangible benefits by delivering the necessary elements for increased functionality. Make use of the advantageous features of web app development solutions by Strand Management Solutions, Inc in New York.

  • Stability and Consistency
  • Scalability of Architecture
  • High Loading Speed
  • Optimization for Mobile Devices
  • Enhanced Security
  • Intuitive Design
  • Custom Functionality
  • Smooth Integration

NY Web-based Applications By Strand Management Solutions

We develop a range of innovative, user-friendly web-based applications in NY that assist businesses with managing internal and external operations, sales, customer relationships, payments, and many other critical processes.


We offer excellent ecommerce web applications that put the user experience of your visitors first, making it simple for them to explore, find what they're looking for, and buy your goods or services. Your web-based ecommerce applications will feature effective call-to-action buttons, enticing product presentations, and clear navigation to entice users to take an action like making a purchase or subscribing. We can easily combine your current management and accounting systems. We offer both customized and ready-made ecommerce web apps.

Progressive web applications

Our efficient and speedy PWA solutions incorporate the best elements of both web and mobile platforms and have native user experiences. Strand Management Solutions, Inc.’s team builds web applications on time, gives them distinctive features, and designs user experience flows using top-notch PWA development tools. Because they can run on a range of devices and over slow internet connections, our progressive web applications are an excellent alternative to native apps.


One of the many web apps offered by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a single-page application (SPA), which is speedy and effective. They don't require page reloading while in use and just require a little amount of content to be updated. The SPA uses JavaScript APIs to update content when necessary.

Web portals

We also create web and enterprise portals tailored specifically to businesses. The finest performance, financial effectiveness, and expansion opportunities are provided through our web portals. These NY web-based apps offer robust collaboration capabilities, data access, self-service workflows, and enterprise social features.

Cloud-based web applications

By fully adopting container-based development, you can partner with Strand Management Solutions, Inc. to migrate your operations to the cloud and create multiservice web-based apps in NY that are tailored to flexible architectures. We support businesses in developing new cloud-native web applications as well as migrating current corporate systems to new cloud environments.

Our NY Web App Development Process

Our method for developing web applications in NY includes all the essential steps needed to generate high-quality web apps.

Research and Planning

Every web development project in NY we work on starts with a lot of preparation, research, and planning. The professionals at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. gather requirements, conduct market research, establish the project's scope, select the required resources, and generally get to know your company. Based on their analysis, they build a comprehensive plan for the effective creation of web apps.

UI/UX Design

Making web applications requires specialized UX/UI design. Our experts are skilled at creating web solutions that have user-friendly user interfaces and straightforward navigation. Our UX/UI web designers in NY communicate with clients to properly grasp their design preferences in order to produce a final product that will appeal to both present and new customers.

Database Connectivity

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. develops trustworthy database solutions for the creation of web apps. We offer superior database design services that safeguard data and ensure successful back-end connectivity with databases.


During the development phase, our front-end, back-end, and other team members actively collaborate to provide web applications on time, within the client's budget, and in accordance with the client's vision. While building web apps, our development team writes high-performing code and does other crucial tasks to guarantee the caliber of your finished product.

QA & Testing

Our quality assurance specialists put the created web app through a rigorous testing procedure to assess its performance, usability, functionality, load capacity, and a range of other factors. By doing this, we can guarantee that you will receive the error-free web-based platform or app you expect.


We make sure our client is happy with the results of web application development in NY before launching. To guarantee flawless results, we address any worries and suggestions you might have before we release the app.


Specialists at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. will help you scale your web application as your business grows. We can improve the functionality of your program and integrate it with fresh systems in your IT architecture.


When you require post-implementation maintenance and support services, such as adding new features to your application, resolving problems, or sending out frequent updates, Strand Management Solutions will be there for you.

Industries Our Web Application Developers in NY Serve

The NY web application developers at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. have unequaled expertise in cooperating with large and small clients in a number of industries. Our professionalism, which has been developed through work with different niche markets, is essential for completing web-based digital products on time and within budget.

FinTech Icon FinTech
Marketing Icon Marketing
Sales Icon Sales
Education Icon Education
Human Resources Icon Human Resources
Entertainment Icon Entertainment
Automotive Icon Automotive
Insurance Icon Insurance
Logistics Icon Logistics
Real Estate Icon Real Estate
Manufacturing Icon Manufacturing
Government Icon Government
Law Icon Law
Market Research Icon Market Research
Information Communication Icon Information Communication
Warehouse and Inventory Management Icon Warehouse /
Inventory Management
Pharmaceuticals Icon Healthcare /

Web Application Development Technologies

Because we only employ the best web app development tools and technologies, we are able to offer web applications in NY that are of the highest quality and match the expectations of our customers.


Utilizing the most effective technology for the front-end layer of your web-based solutions is crucial to attracting consumers and ensuring their satisfaction. The most effective tech stack is used by our front-end engineers to produce top-notch user experiences.

Front-end technologies we support
Angular JS


The writing, optimization, and deployment of the server-side code are handled by our back-end specialists utilizing the best time-tested technology. Our IT Services company in New Jersey guarantees that your software will have a consistent architecture, correct operational structure, and enhanced performance.

Back-end technologies we support

Mobile Development

By transferring our clients' apps to smartphones with the use of cutting-edge technologies for mobile development, we expand their commercial potential. With mobile solutions by our IT company, you can increase the recognition of your brand, consumer engagement rates, and accessibility of your services.

Mobile Development technologies we support


Utilizing effective database technology, our IT specialists manage different sorts of data by storing, organizing, and analyzing info. We employ relational databases, which provide us with the ability to quickly organize information and use it in projects.

Database technologies we support
SQL Server
SQL Server

Cloud Systems

We help companies move their operations to the cloud to ensure efficiency and security by utilizing the most well-known cloud platforms and technologies. Utilize knowledge of our IT Services company from New Jersey and the advantages of cloud computing to obtain a competitive edge.

Cloud Systems technologies we support
Google Cloud
Google Cloud


Our gifted designers create aesthetically pleasing interface designs for your solutions that are of the highest caliber and up-to-date. Our designers use the most popular and effective tools to deliver our clients pleasing designs and interactive prototypes.

Design technologies we support

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What is web application development?

"Web application development" refers to the planning, creation, testing, and deployment of web-based programs that are installed on remote servers and made available to users or customers online. Because of the network access without the requirement of downloading, web apps are preferred by many businesses and users.

What is the cost of web application development in New York?

The cost of creating a web application in NY relies on a variety of factors, including the required tech stack and development platforms, as well as the type of web application. It also depends on web application complexity (number of panels, volume of data, requirement for an API connection, admin console, and user profiles); delivery schedules; participation of web app developers. Get in touch with us to learn how much your web app development will cost.

How long does developing web app take?

Numerous elements, like complexity, modularity, the number of features necessary, etc., have an impact on how long it takes to design a web application. A simple app typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to develop, a medium-complex app 3 to 6 weeks, and a highly complicated app 2 to 3 months or longer. For a customized price based on your requirements and ideas, get in touch with us.

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