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Make great advancements with the best resources, talented minds, and cutting-edge technologies provided by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. As an IT company with more than 40 years of experience, we offer a wide range of professional offshore resource management services for businesses of all sizes and domains.

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Our Offshore Team Management Offers

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers high-quality services of offshore team management for companies that often outsource their development projects to offshoring companies abroad. Our aim is to monitor performance, guarantee quality, and generally improve your offshore resource development team.

Resource Allocation

Professionals at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. organize the best combination of onshore and offshore resources based on the project's requirements, skill requirements, and cost-effectiveness.

Clear Communication

We establish clear channels of communication to ensure seamless collaboration between onshore and offshore teams. The use of platforms for instant messaging, video conferences, and regular meetings is necessary.

Project Planning and Coordination

Our offshore teams of professionals in managing work closely with clients to determine the project's objectives, scope, timeframes, and deliverables. We also monitor if the offshore crew is aware of all of its obligations and fulfills them thoroughly.

Requirements Analysis

We make sure to express all project requirements, technical requirements, and any changes that might be made over the project's lifecycle.

Task Assignment and Tracking

Our offshore managers assign tasks to offshore personnel in accordance with their qualifications and experience. We track progress and guarantee timely completion by using project management tools.

Support and Resources

Our offshore team management specialists ensure that offshore teams have the tools, hardware, software, and access to pertinent documents they need to complete their job.

Knowledge Transfer

We facilitate knowledge-sharing sessions to ensure that offshore team members fully comprehend the business domain, technological stack, and best practices.

Quality Assurance

Offshore managers at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. Implement a thorough quality assurance procedure to examine the work produced by the offshore staff and make sure it complies with the necessary requirements.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

We regularly evaluate the performance of offshore resources, offer helpful criticism, and highlight their accomplishments.

Team Building and Conflict Resolution

We foster a supportive workplace culture that appreciates diversity and encourages cooperation between onshore and offshore teams.

Risk Management

Our professionals in offshore project management identify potential risks associated with offshore development and implement mitigation strategies.

Data Security and Compliance

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. ensures all data exchange and management comply with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Time Zone Management

We adapt to time zone differences by scheduling meetings and overlapping working hours when necessary.

Continuous Improvements

Our experts in managing offshore development teams encourage knowledge sharing among team members and implement a culture of continuous improvement for both onshore and offshore teams.

Why Our Offshore Management

Professionals at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. excel in managing offshore teams. We have been assisting companies by offering professional programming and project management services for 40+ years. Recognizing the importance of proper administration during any development project, we use the best practices for managing offshore employees to ensure a convenient atmosphere during work and the quality of final results. You can rely on us to successfully manage your offshore team and expand your opportunities for growth and success by delegating your offshore project management requirements to the staff at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. consisting of only true professionals. Our proficiency in management will open up new horizons in productivity and cost-efficiency for your business.

Efficient management of offshore technical resources

Benefits of Offshore Resources

Many years of our practice and the establishment of global trends for offshoring prove that leveraging outsourced expertise and managing offshore resources can bring substantial benefits to businesses.

Reduced Costs

The key benefit of offshore resource outsourcing is that these services have shown to be excellent ways to reduce costs. Therefore, outsourcing operations to a country with cheaper taxes and labor costs significantly lowers their cost. Efficient management will also help to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Extensive Talent Pool

Programmers and other IT professionals who work abroad have invaluable expertise in managing or taking part in various projects all around the world. Their experience working with both national and international businesses will enable you to create profitable business relationships.

Enhanced Productivity

A corporation that provides qualified management of offshore resources and employees relieves you of many obligations and tasks while ensuring quality control. You can concentrate your company's time and resources on your core business now that management duties are taken care of.

Industry-specific Expertise

Companies that offshore resources and cooperate with a wide range of businesses have developed their own expertise in various technologies and industry experience. Whether you need to create software with industry-oriented features, this degree of expertise can completely alter the path of a project.

Shorter Time to Market

You can quickly finish new software products thanks to offshore resources. As a result, you'll save time by avoiding the time-consuming activities associated with locating developers on your own.

Agility of Offshore Resources

Hiring offshore resources gives you the flexibility to manage your company's personnel by altering it in accordance with your demands and specifications. As a business owner, you will be able to select the team members who have the skills required for a specific project.

Security and Transparency

With Strand Management Solutions, Inc., there are no unforeseen costs or conditions, and you always have access to all project-related information. Additionally, we consistently follow confidentiality contracts and non-disclosure agreements, and we take all necessary measures to safeguard your intellectual property rights.

Minimized Risks

To reduce the risk associated with developing offshore resources, we adhere to tried-and-true management practices and quality management systems. These include maintaining a positive working relationship; fully integrating our offshore resource managers into your offshore staff for better communication and understanding; hiring qualified people to ensure that we manage the offshore team proactively; and using an onshore-offshore hybrid model.

Offshore Challenges

Along with extensive benefits, offshore resource development can bring many challenges threatening the success of your project. Vast experience of Strand Management Solutions, Inc. in IT and cooperation with different types of organizations helps us to recognize all offshore challenges and overcome them expertly.


Location-caused Barriers

Language hurdles and time zone differences can cause misunderstandings and delayed answers, which can influence the pace of a project and how well needs are understood. Cultural differences can cause misconceptions and hinder collaboration between onshore and offshore employees. Work cultures and communication styles can also differ.

Lack of Domain Knowledge

Offshore employees might not have a thorough understanding of the client's industry or particular domain, which can have an impact on the effectiveness of the solutions created.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns

Sharing sensitive information and ensuring its security is one of the offshore challenges, which creates data security and privacy issues, particularly if handled improperly.

Dependency on Key Personnel

If a few key members of the offshore staff are significantly relied upon, there may be vulnerabilities if they leave or are unavailable. Outsourced teams can have greater turnover rates, resulting in the loss of important knowledge and skills and necessitating constant onboarding of new personnel.

Unexpected Legal and Regulatory Issues

Since every country has a different set of laws and regulations, failing to take these distinctions into account could have serious legal repercussions.

Loss of Intellectual Property Control

One of the offshore challenges when working with outsourced staff is that intellectual property protection might be more problematic, raising the possibility of unlawful use of confidential information.

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What are offshore resources?

Experts in the field who can manage a project remotely are known as offshore resources. Recruiting seasoned professionals committed to working for your firm with the same level of dedication and even more competence than an in-house team is necessary to assemble a committed team to work on your project.

When do you need offshore management help?

Requesting qualified offshore management help is a perfect solution when you’re short of experts in your staff to handle management tasks for your offshore development projects. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers independent management of your offshore technical resources.

Why is high-quality offshore management important?

Through efficient management of offshore technical resources, onshore teams can leverage the advantages of global collaboration while mitigating possible obstacles. Establishing trust, fostering transparent communication, and cultivating a shared sense of purpose is essential for achieving prosperous onshore-offshore collaboration.

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