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Receive secure, consistent and productive data migration services from top professionals of Strand Management Solutions Inc. We have more than 40 years of Migration as a Service experience and an all-encompassing understanding of business data management needs.

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Our Data Migration Services

Migrating data can be simple and safe when you entrust this process to the true experts. Strand Management Solutions Inc. offers high-quality data migration services that will help you to innovate your data management through the adoption of new technologies, resulting in improved security and efficiency. You can be confident in achieving seamless and successful transitions while unlocking the full potential of your data assets.

Data Migration Consultancy

Strand Management Solutions Inc. is a recognized data migration consultancy for enterprise firms that want to leverage data for their success. We specialize in developing and executing top strategies throughout the entire data value chain, empowering our clients to embrace innovation, and open paths for expansion and goal achievement. Our holistic approach to modern data ecosystems ensures excellent results by combining expert consultation and cutting-edge data migration technology.

Application Migration Service

Our application migration services are specifically designed to support businesses in transitioning their applications to the cloud to enhance their resilience, scalability, and accessibility. Popular implementation options include public or private cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud architectures. With our deep expertise in data adoption methods, data migration services procedures, and management tools, we are well-equipped to assist your organization in productively operating newly migrated applications.

Cloud Data Migration

We utilize the capabilities of the most popular cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, and more to perform reliable cloud-to-cloud and on-premise server-to-cloud migrations. Cloud database migration services by Strand Management Solutions present numerous advantages over on-premises infrastructure, including enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. With our skills, we ensure a seamless data migration to the cloud.

Custom Database Migration Service

With our extensive expertise in bespoke database migration services, we can facilitate a smooth and efficient transfer of your databases and application stack with minimized downtime. Our specialized capabilities enable you to migrate application data across different platforms and operating system versions, as well as homogeneous migration (for example, from AWS to AWS), to a unified database. Our data migration services focus on streamlining the essential elements of your migration, ensuring the best results.

Enterprise System Migration Services

If you want to migrate data from your old enterprise system to a new one, choose our data migration service. We follow a standardized methodology for proper data preparation, adhere to Extract-Transform-Load process timelines, and maintain data integrity and quality. We have successfully implemented data migrations and system transitions on various platforms, including content management systems, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning.

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is Your Go-To Data Migration Company

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., a highly experienced data migration company based in New Jersey, has been at the forefront of assisting client organizations in their digital transformation journeys for 40+ years.

At Strand Management Solutions Inc., we consider data migration as an opportunity to unlock the maximum value of your data for your organization. When implementing new data technologies, it is crucial for every company to execute a proficient and comprehensive data transfer that encompasses quality control, consistency, governance, and enhancement.

Our approach to data migration is driven by your unique goals and extends beyond mere replication and transfer. As a top data migration company, we develop a strategy tailored to your specific objectives, ensuring that the migration process not only meets your immediate needs but also enables long-term improvements and optimization.

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Benefits of Database Migration Service

Many organizations have already appreciated the benefits of database migration service by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. You can also gain significant competitive advantages with our professional database migration solutions to improve your data flow and management.

Saving costs

Using outdated databases can result in increased expenses, decreased productivity, and missed opportunities. To mitigate these issues, businesses can opt for our professional database migration service, which minimizes the risk of costly service disruptions.

Enhanced performance

To avoid management challenges and poor productivity because of lacking organization of big volumes of info, migrate data to the cloud. The benefits of database migration services include faster decision-making and improved performance.


Newer data systems offer enhanced business operational features, typically accompanied by improved database structures. These systems are often available in the cloud, which offers several advantages, including easier access, elimination of hardware and network responsibilities for the client, automatic backup and recovery capabilities, and regular updates that introduce new features.

Reliable backup

Migrating data to the cloud facilitates efficient backup and recovery processes. We offer reliable data backup options and data management tools, making it convenient for businesses to consistently back up their data. Our database migration service benefits clients by offering regular data backups that increase data protection and minimize the risk of data loss.

Facilitated maintenance

One of the advantages of database migration service is that routine maintenance, system updates, and administrative tasks are taken care of by your service provider. This allows businesses to free up valuable time that can be focused on core business operations.

Better security

Outdated databases present a weak spot for cyberattacks, making regular updates crucial to prevent security breaches. Beneficial database migration solutions enable businesses to establish robust security policies, control access, detect and prevent data loss, and proactively identify and mitigate threats to their systems and data.

Our Data Migration Process

We offer a comprehensive data migration plan that can serve as a solid starting point for most migration projects. It is essential to conduct a thorough evaluation and meticulously plan the data migration process to ensure its smooth execution and successful outcomes.

Migration team formation, migration plan review, approval, and subsequent updates.
Current system review and creation of the new system requirements.
Current data structure analysis and review of expected change required for the new system.
Preliminary software and vendor investigations.
Data migration plan including data transfer automation for system testing and subsequent production release.
System detailed test plan design including test case construction.
Further software investigation, and vendor discussions with agreement to the evaluation and test plans.
System modification requirement identification.
Staff reviews to insure needs fulfillment.
Vendor proposal review.
Implementation plan review by the vendor.
Final vendor and software selection.
System test plan implementation and test results reviews.
Production transition plan.
Staff training.
Dual system operation comparisons as required.
Final implementation.

Data Migration Tools in Our Tech Stack

Professionals of Strand Management Solutions, Inc. use only the most efficient database migration tools. Utilizing top-notch database migration software, we have successfully completed numerous data migrations, which often include transitions to or from MS Office products. These migrations encompass a variety of scenarios, such as migrating from MS Excel to MS Access, moving from MS Access to SQL Server, and transitioning from other products to industry-leading solutions.

MS Excel
MS Excel
MS Access
MS Access
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud

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What are data migration services?

Data migration services refer to projects that facilitate the seamless transfer of a substantial volume of data from an old system to a new one. The expertise of Strand Management Solutions, Inc. lies in successfully executing data migration processes, including the migration of data from legacy corporate platforms to updated or new solutions, consolidation of fragmented systems into a unified database, and migration from legacy enterprise applications to the cloud.

What is the cost of data migration?

We offer an estimate based on your needs. The complexity, scale, technology, and other aspects of the project, as well as other considerations, typically affect the cost of data migration services.

What are the main 4 types of data migration?

Among the most common needs for migration that businesses have, there are 4 types: database migration, application migration, cloud migration, and storage migration. On your request, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. can implement projects of any data migration type.

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