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Request secure, consistent, and efficient data migration services in New Jersey from the top experts at Strand Management Solutions Inc. With 40+ years of experience in Migration as a Service, we possess comprehensive knowledge and expertise in meeting the diverse data management needs of businesses.

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Our NJ Data Migration Services

Migrating data can be a simple and secure process when you rely on the professionals of Strand Management Solutions Inc. We provide top-notch data migration services in NJ. Using our services, you can improve your data management through the adoption of innovative technologies, resulting in better security and efficiency. Rest assured that our solutions will enable seamless and successful transitions of your data assets.

Data Migration Consultancy

Strand Management Solutions Inc. is a renowned data migration consultancy in New Jersey trusted by enterprise firms because we enable them to utilize the power of their data for success. Our clients gain the ability to embrace innovation and open opportunities for growth and goal fulfillment. We excel in the development and execution of top-notch strategies across the entire data value chain. Our holistic approach to modern data ecosystems guarantees outstanding outcomes, as we combine expert consultation with cutting-edge data migration technology.

Application Migration Service

Our application migration services are tailored to assist businesses in smoothly transitioning their applications to the cloud, resulting in enhanced resilience, scalability, and availability. We offer popular implementation options such as public and private cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud architectures to meet diverse needs. Using our extensive expertise in data adoption methods, data migration service procedures, and management tools, we are well-prepared to support your organization in effectively operating newly migrated applications.

Cloud Data Migration

At Strand Management Solutions, we use the capabilities of leading cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, and more. Our expertise encompasses performing reliable cloud-to-cloud and on-premise server-to-cloud migrations. By utilizing our cloud database migration services in NJ, businesses can benefit from enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost savings compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure. Count on us for a problem-free data migration as we leverage our skills to ensure a successful migration to the cloud.

Custom Database Migration Services

With our in-depth expertise in custom database migration services, we excel at facilitating a seamless and effective transfer of your databases and application stack while minimizing downtime. Our specific capabilities allow clients to migrate application data across various platforms and operating systems, as well as implement homogeneous migration (e.g., from AWS to AWS) to form a unified database. We prioritize streamlining the essential elements of your migration, ensuring optimal results for our custom data migration services in New Jersey.

Enterprise System Migration Services

When it comes to migrating data from your old enterprise system to a new one, our NJ data migration service is the ideal choice. We follow standardized methods to ensure proper data preparation, adhere to Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) practice, and maintain data integrity and quality throughout the migration process. Our track record includes successful implementations of data migrations and system transitions across multiple platforms, such as content management systems, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning.

Data Migration Service Near Me in NJ

If you're searching for a "data migration service near me" in New Jersey, reach out to Strand Management Solutions, Inc. to fulfill your requirements. We are a trustworthy provider of professional data migration services near Trenton, New York City, and Philadelphia, as well as across the States. With our expertise, we deliver high-quality data migration solutions customized to meet your business needs.

We Are Your Go-To Data Migration Company in New Jersey

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., an experienced data migration company in New Jersey, has been at the forefront of supporting client organizations in their digital transformation journeys for over 40 years.

At Strand Management Solutions Inc., we view data migration as an opportunity to maximize the value of your organization's data. When implementing new data technologies, it is crucial for companies to execute a proficient and comprehensive data transfer that encompasses quality control, consistency, and improvement.

Our data migration approach is designed according to your unique goals and goes beyond simple replication and transfer. As a leading NJ-based data migration company, we develop a strategy customized to your immediate needs, as well as long-term improvements and optimization.

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Benefits of Database Migration Service NJ

Numerous organizations have already recognized the benefits of database migration service in New Jersey provided by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. You too can leverage our professional database migration solutions to enhance your data flow and management to gain competitive advantages.

Saving costs

Utilizing outdated databases can lead to higher expenses, decreased productivity, and missed opportunities for businesses. To mitigate these issues, organizations can choose our professional database migration service in NJ. We minimize the risk of costly service disruptions by performing a transition to modern and efficient databases.

Enhanced performance

To overcome management challenges and enhance productivity associated with handling large volumes of information, organizations can opt to migrate their data to the cloud. Database migration service benefits offer numerous advantageous capabilities, including faster decision-making and improved performance, enabling businesses to make the most of their data resources.


Newer data systems come with advanced business operational features and improved database structures. They are frequently available in the cloud, offering benefits such as easy accessibility, reduction of hardware and network responsibilities for clients, automated backup and recovery, and regular updates introducing new features.

Reliable backup

Data migration to the cloud enables streamlined backup and recovery procedures. Our services provide dependable data backup options and efficient data management tools, ensuring businesses can easily and consistently back up their data. With our database migration service in New Jersey, clients benefit from regular data backups that enhance data protection and reduce the potential for data loss.

Facilitated maintenance

One of the database migration service benefits is the delegation of routine maintenance, system updates, and administrative tasks to the service provider. This enables businesses to save valuable time, which can then be dedicated to core business operations.

Better security

Outdated databases create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyberattacks, underscoring the necessity of regular updates for safeguarding against security breaches. With beneficial database migration solutions, businesses can establish robust security policies, maintain control over access, detect and prevent data loss, and proactively identify and mitigate potential threats to their systems and data.

Our NJ Data Migration Process

Our company provides a comprehensive data migration plan that serves as a strong foundation for most migration projects. We recognize the importance of conducting a thorough evaluation and meticulous planning of the data migration process in New Jersey to guarantee seamless execution and achieve successful outcomes.

Formation of a migration team, migration plan review, approval, and subsequent updates.
Current system analysis and creation of the new system requirements.
Current data structure analysis and review of expected updates required for the new system.
Preliminary vendor and software investigations.
Data migration planning including data transfer automation for system testing and subsequent production release.
Detailed testing plan design including test case construction.
Further software investigation, and vendor discussions with agreement to the evaluation and testing plans.
Identification of system modification requirements.
Staff reviews to insure fulfillment of needs.
Vendor proposal review.
Review of the implementation plan by the vendor.
Final vendor and software selection.
System testing plan implementation and results reviews.
Production transition plan.
Personnel training.
Dual system operation comparisons.
Final implementation.

Data Migration Tools in Our Tech Stack

At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., our professionals rely on highly efficient database migration tools to ensure seamless transitions. With the use of top-notch database migration software, we have achieved successful data migrations in various scenarios, including transitions to and from MS Office products. Our expertise encompasses migrations such as moving from MS Excel to MS Access, transitioning from MS Access to SQL Server, and adopting industry-leading solutions from other products.

MS Excel
MS Excel
MS Access
MS Access
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud

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What are data migration services?

Data migration services involve the smooth transfer of a significant amount of data from an old system to a new one. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. specializes in executing successful data migration projects, including the migration of data from legacy platforms to updated or new solutions, consolidation of fragmented systems into a unified database, and migration from legacy enterprise applications to the cloud.

How much does data migration cost in NJ?

The cost of data migration in NJ can vary depending on factors such as project complexity, scale, technology, and specific requirements. We provide estimates tailored to your needs.

What are the main 4 types of data migration?

The four main types of data migration are database migration, application migration, cloud migration, and storage migration. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is capable of handling projects in any of these data migration categories based on your specific requirements.

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