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Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a creative provider of mobile app UI/UX design services that offers user-oriented interfaces and enjoyable experiences from using your mobile apps. For different mobile devices, our designers create application designs that fully represent your brand and appeal to the target audience.

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Mobile Application Design Services

Use our mobile app designing services to guarantee the best experiences for your mobile app users. Professionals at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. know for sure how to represent the identity of your brand through a pleasant-looking interface with unique graphic elements.

Mobile App UI Design Services

Our mobile UI design services grant business apps with interactive user interfaces to provide users with wonderful visuals, ease of use, and engaging elements that’ll keep them entertained and satisfied with the time they spend using your program. Rise above your competitors with the help of Strand Management Solution, Inc as your trustworthy mobile UI design company. We ensure your app interface will have stylish graphics, straightforward menus, and eye-catching buttons for increased brand recognition and client engagement.

Mobile UX Design Services

We offer a top-notch mobile UX design service to assist your business in providing users with great experiences and keeping them hooked on using your mobile app with enjoyment. From the wireframe designs made by our talented UX engineers, you can determine whether the product meets the requirements of your brand and what usability enhancements the interface will bring to your application. We create intuitive user interfaces with outstanding navigational features that will serve you as a significant advantage for business advancement.

UI/UX Upgrade

Our mobile app design services include keeping the UI/UX of your mobile app current with the newest trends and OS upgrades. Professional designers at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. update your interface with cutting-edge designs while keeping it interesting-looking, easy to use, and navigate. We are a qualified provider of custom app design services that is skilled at modernizing an application's design, boosting mobile usability, load performance, animations, effects, and other factors that increase user engagement.

UI/UX Maintenance

We provide mobile design services of maintenance and support to keep the design of your mobile applications highly functional. Our designers employ the proper methods to keep the quality and usability of designed interfaces relevant for your target market. Strand Management Solutions, Inc.’s specialists analyze user activity on your application using professional tools and aim to raise engagement. To keep customer conversion rates at a high level, our app designers manage load performance, image quality, design element positioning, and many other factors.

Your Top Mobile App Design Company

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a top-notch mobile app designing company that has been successfully tackling projects in mobile design creation for over 40 years. The goal of our specialists is to create intuitive designs for mobile applications helping businesses and startups establish a strong market presence and raise the value of their brands.

The aspirations and objectives of our clients are met by the distinctive and business-focused app designs we create as a top mobile app design firm. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. has assisted businesses of various sizes and industries in expanding and increasing their revenue. Experts at our app designing company comprehend the needs of your brand's expansion and create mobile applications with clear, aesthetically pleasing, and user-oriented designs.

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Why Our Mobile Design

Utilize the benefits of phone app design by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. to advance your organization on its way to success.

Better User Experience

With an intuitive mobile design, you can turn your business mobile app into a tool that saves budget and generates income. Improve the impression that users might have from using your app with our effective prototyping avoiding poor user experiences and the financial costs they entail.

Increased Brand Recognition

Provide users with aesthetically pleasing designs, unique visuals, and recognizable features to grow your brand awareness. A unified design that promotes your identity across every device and platform can help you increase the recognition of your company.

Focus on Target Audience

Prototyping and modern high-quality design help your product connect with your target customer base, which is essential when breaking into a new market. With our mobile design, you can attract potential clients and keep your existing clientele satisfied with app use.

Improved Conversion Rates

By providing users with intuitive navigation and purposeful flow, you can create just the right environment for them to interact with your app for a long time, try out capabilities, and make decisions. Our top-notch mobile app UI design and comprehensive UX increase revenue by turning users into customers.

Our App Designing Process

Professional designers at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. employ the best practices and efficient methods during our mobile app designing process to ensure the on-time delivery of quality products. Explore our approach to be sure of our competence and consistency in designing.


Research and Planning

Our team studies consumer behavior and client preferences in your specific market to define common styles within the target audience and the most fitting concepts. At this stage, we also formulate the project scope with a thorough plan for the designers and other specialists to follow.


The next step is to create appropriate wireframes for mobile app which is the visual framework of the mobile app consisting of screen designs and practical mobile app layouts. These screens and layouts are integrated to form a user journey and turn it into a clickable prototype so that users can test out their app and experience how it’s going to work.

Visual Design

Our expert designers create the best visual designs for mobile applications in a form of a few visual concepts of one of the screens with various colors, fonts, and other graphic components so the client can choose the most suitable. We make visuals stylish and based on recognizable features of the customer’s brand, such as a logo and color scheme.

Prototype Design

On the basis of the previously created wireframes, designers then develop the final user interface for each screen of your mobile app. All completed screens, along with the icons and other design-related graphic elements, are then given to our professional mobile app developers.

Usability Testing and QA

Usability testing is carried out by Strand Management Solutions, Inc’s QA engineers to see whether the mobile app design is comprehensible, user-friendly, and logical. Our specialists put their best effort to make sure that the delivered mobile app design lives up to users' expectations.


We help our clients to keep the quality of their mobile app interfaces at the top level offering ongoing support and upgrades in accordance with state-of-art trends and changing business requirements.

Mobile App Designing Software We Use

We use the capabilities of the best mobile app designing software to provide our clients with first-class interface designs. Our skills in utilizing top technologies and a considerable track record of completed projects with their use put us in line with the best mobile app design companies.


Our Mobile App Designers Serve Industries

Qualified mobile app designers at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. can create domain-oriented interfaces for businesses of various industries. Rely on our vast experience, technology knowledge, and innovative vision merged into one top-quality app design delivered by our mobile designers.

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What is mobile app design?

The process of developing the user interface for a mobile application is essentially called mobile app design. This process combines user interface design and user experience design in order to create an intuitive and pleasant-looking application.

How long does mobile app design take?

Numerous variables affect how long the process of designing a mobile app takes. The intricacy of the project, the degree of functionality, the navigational complexity of the product, the complexity of the design concept itself, the device for which the design is made, etc. are a few of them. Contact us for a precise timeline estimation.

How much does mobile app design cost?

The price of mobile app design services is determined by a number of variables, including the project's size, complexity, ease of use, target device, etc. We have a few pricing options that you can choose for your app design project. Contact us to get more information and discuss the possible costs.

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