Web Application Development Services in Pennsylvania

With the help of the comprehensive web application services in PA provided by Strand Management Solutions, Inc., your company can positively transform its internal and external operations. Work with our trustworthy web application development company to improve your management, administration, customer relationship, and many other aspects.

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Web App Development Services in PA

We provide web application development services in Pennsylvania to help organizations of all sizes and in all industries achieve their goals. By collaborating with us to design a unique online application for you, you're investing in the success of your organization.

Web App Development Consulting

Our web application consulting service in Pennsylvania is designed to assist businesses in evaluating their present business needs and initiatives and transforming them into effective web-based software development plans. For each of our web-based projects, we select the best programming languages, architectures, and infrastructure.

Web Application Design in PA

Custom UI/UX design and prototyping is one of the professional web application designing services in Pennsylvania provided by Strand Management, Inc. Our designers produce unique and flexible web applications that, based on the goals of the client, enable quick adoption, provide a unified user experience, and appeal to everyone or a specific part of the target market.

Front-end Web App Development

To ensure immaculate user engagement with your web solution, the skilled front-end developers at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. build feature-rich client-side web apps without sacrificing performance. In collaboration with our UX designers, they create visually appealing user interfaces that are easy to navigate, resulting in captivating user experiences.

Back-end Web App Development

The team of skilled back-end developers who work on web application development services in PA ensures that the data loading and business logic are safely followed by the back-end of your web product. Our talented web app developers and architects build strong web app back-ends while considering state-of-the-art security, flexible integration, and balanced data structures.

Custom Web Application Development for Enterprises

Our enterprise web application development service in Pennsylvania greatly enhances your company's overall performance by offering customized web-based applications and systems. To increase functionality and efficiency, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is also ready to examine, alter, or convert your current or legacy web application to new technologies.

Web App Maintenance

As a provider of web app development services in PA, we assume delivery of not just the complete product but also maintenance and support services. We work together with you to manage web-based applications that were either developed by other firms or by us. Any activity, from bug fixes to feature additions to performance enhancements to maintaining the latest version of your web application, can be handled with ease by our experts.

Why Our Web Application Development Company in PA

With over 40 years of expertise, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a leading web application development company in Pennsylvania that offers end-to-end web app development services to businesses across various industries. Our experts in bespoke web application development will evaluate the requirements of your project and then equip you with secure, scalable, and easy-to-use software.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our company specializes in developing online applications and is well-versed in contemporary web technologies, application types, and business requirements. Our development team keeps up with the most recent advancements in technology and industry trends.

Customized Strategy

By working with our web apps development firm in Pennsylvania, you can expect a personalized approach to your project and an effective web application designed to help your business reach its goals.

Best Methods

By regularly exchanging customer feedback in line with the best practices of the Agile methodology, we continuously improve our projects. Our team offers excellent, results-driven web applications that adhere to a tried-and-true process.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

As one of Pennsylvania's leading web application development firms, Strand Management Solutions, Inc., offers clients and corporations enhanced usability, stability, and dependability. Our solutions have flexible architecture, quick reaction times, customer-focused designs, and an easy-to-use workflow.

Web-based Applications By Strand Management Solutions

Features of Our Web Application Development Solutions PA

Our PA web app solutions offer companies real benefits by supplying the components required for enhanced functionality. Make use of the features offered by Strand Management Solutions, Inc.'s web app development services in Pennsylvania.

  • Stability and Consistency
  • Scalability of Architecture
  • High Loading Speed
  • Optimization for Mobile Devices
  • Enhanced Security
  • Intuitive Design
  • Custom Functionality
  • Smooth Integration

PA Web-based Applications By Strand Management Solutions

We provide businesses in Pennsylvania with creative, user-friendly web-based apps that help them manage sales, customer relations, internal and external operations, payments, and many other crucial tasks.


We provide top-notch ecommerce web applications that prioritize your customers' experience, making it easy for them to browse, locate what they're looking for, and make a purchase of your products or services. Your web-based ecommerce apps will have compelling product presentations, efficient call-to-action buttons, and intuitive navigation to persuade users to complete an activity, such as purchasing or subscribing.

Progressive Web Apps

Our quick and effective PWA solutions include native user experiences and combine the greatest features of web and mobile platforms. The team at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. creates web apps on schedule, adds unique features, and creates user experience flows with the best PWA development tools available. Our progressive web apps are a great replacement for native apps since they function well across a variety of platforms.


One of Strand Management Solutions, Inc.'s many web applications is a single-page application (SPA), which is quick and efficient. SPAs only need a small amount of content to be updated, and they don't require page reloading while in use.

Web portals

We also design web portals with a focus on businesses. Our online portals offer the best performance, most economical use of funds, and growth prospects. Strong collaboration features, data access, self-service workflows, and enterprise social features are all provided by these PA web-based apps.

Cloud-based Web Apps

Work with Strand Management Solutions, Inc. to move your operations to the cloud and build multiservice web-based apps in Pennsylvania. They are designed for flexible architectures fully embracing container-based development. We help companies create new web apps that are cloud-native and move their old corporate systems to new cloud environments.

Our PA Web App Development Process

We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the web apps we design in PA are of the highest caliber.

Planning and Research

Every web development project we work on begins with extensive planning, research, and preparation. The experts at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. collect requirements, study the market, define the specifications of the project, choose the necessary tools, and learn about your business in general. Then they create an extensive plan for the efficient development of web apps.

Design of UI/UX

Our professionals are adept at developing online solutions with intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces. Our UI/UX web designers in Pennsylvania cooperate with clients to fully understand their preferences for design so that we can create a final product that will satisfy both current and potential clients.

Database Connection

We create reliable database solutions for web application development in PA. Our team provides excellent database design services that guarantee data security and productive back-end database connectivity.


Our front-end, back-end, and other team members actively work together throughout the development phase to deliver web applications on schedule, within the client's budget, and in line with the client's vision. Our development team produces clean code and completes other critical activities while creating web apps to ensure the quality of your final product.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We put the developed web application through a thorough testing process to evaluate its functionality, performance, usability, load capacity, and several other aspects. Our quality assurance specialists can ensure that you will receive an error-free web-based platform or app.


We make sure our client is satisfied with the outcomes of our web application development in Pennsylvania. We take care of any concerns and recommendations you may have before app deployment.


Strand Management Solutions, Inc.'s specialists can assist you with scaling your web application as your company expands. We can enhance your program's functionality and incorporate it with new technologies inside your IT architecture.


Strand Management Solutions is available to help with post-implementation maintenance and support services, including feature additions, problem fixing, and regular updates.

Industries Our Web Application Developers in PA Serve

Our PA web application developers have unparalleled experience working with both big and small clients across a variety of sectors. The experience in working with many niche industries has given us a level of professionalism that is crucial for finishing web-based digital products on schedule and within budget.

FinTech Icon FinTech
Marketing Icon Marketing
Sales Icon Sales
Education Icon Education
Human Resources Icon Human Resources
Entertainment Icon Entertainment
Automotive Icon Automotive
Insurance Icon Insurance
Logistics Icon Logistics
Real Estate Icon Real Estate
Manufacturing Icon Manufacturing
Government Icon Government
Law Icon Law
Market Research Icon Market Research
Information Communication Icon Information Communication
Warehouse and Inventory Management Icon Warehouse /
Inventory Management
Pharmaceuticals Icon Healthcare /

Web Application Development Technologies

We can provide web applications in PA that are of the highest caliber and live up to the expectations of our clients. We exclusively use the best web app development tools and technologies.


Utilizing the most effective technology for the front-end layer of your web-based solutions is crucial to attracting consumers and ensuring their satisfaction. The most effective tech stack is used by our front-end engineers to produce top-notch user experiences.

Front-end technologies we support
Angular JS


The writing, optimization, and deployment of the server-side code are handled by our back-end specialists utilizing the best time-tested technology. Our IT Services company in New Jersey guarantees that your software will have a consistent architecture, correct operational structure, and enhanced performance.

Back-end technologies we support

Mobile Development

By transferring our clients' apps to smartphones with the use of cutting-edge technologies for mobile development, we expand their commercial potential. With mobile solutions by our IT company, you can increase the recognition of your brand, consumer engagement rates, and accessibility of your services.

Mobile Development technologies we support


Utilizing effective database technology, our IT specialists manage different sorts of data by storing, organizing, and analyzing info. We employ relational databases, which provide us with the ability to quickly organize information and use it in projects.

Database technologies we support
SQL Server
SQL Server

Cloud Systems

We help companies move their operations to the cloud to ensure efficiency and security by utilizing the most well-known cloud platforms and technologies. Utilize knowledge of our IT Services company from New Jersey and the advantages of cloud computing to obtain a competitive edge.

Cloud Systems technologies we support
Google Cloud
Google Cloud


Our gifted designers create aesthetically pleasing interface designs for your solutions that are of the highest caliber and up-to-date. Our designers use the most popular and effective tools to deliver our clients pleasing designs and interactive prototypes.

Design technologies we support

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What is web application development?

The process of designing, developing, testing, and implementing web-based applications that are hosted on remote servers and made accessible to users or clients via the Internet is referred to as "web application development". Web apps are chosen by many users and companies because they allow network access without the need for downloading.

What is the cost of web application development in Pennsylvania?

The price of developing a web application in Pennsylvania depends on several aspects, such as the kind of program and tech stack needed. It also depends on delivery dates, web app developer participation, and the complexity of the web application (number of pages, volume of data, need for an API connection, admin interface, and user profiles). To find out how much developing a web app will cost you, get in contact with us.

How long does developing a web app take?

The amount of time it takes to create a web application depends on several factors, including complexity, modularity, the number of features required, etc. Generally, it takes two to three weeks to design a simple app, three to six weeks for a medium-complex app, and two to three months or more for a highly complicated app. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your needs and suggestions.

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