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Use your business data as a competitive advantage with efficient data management and storage enabled by our high-quality database development services. At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., we understand the importance of database development as a critical point in all information projects. Trust us in developing top-notch databases for your desktop, web, and mobile applications to ensure around-the-clock access to your data assets.

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Our Database Development Services

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of database development services for businesses, enabling the seamless management of data of any scope and structural complexity. Our goal is to assist your organization in maintaining efficiency and becoming data-driven, keeping pace with the ever-growing competition.

Database Development Consulting

We provide effective database development consulting services assisting clients to drive their companies’ progress beyond mere data storage containers. Our database consultants build working strategies to create database development solutions that align with your business's unique objectives. Experienced database developers at Strand Management Solutions thoroughly analyze your company's requirements to determine the best-suited solution, whether it involves seamless data migration or designing customized system architecture. Our database specialists bring valuable firsthand experience to your specific project.

Database Design Services

Developing a successful database involves more than just engineering technical aspects; it requires designing the ideal database solution for your specific software product. This expertise allows us to address technical aspects and align your database architecture with specific requirements. Our comprehensive database design services encompass intuitive user interface creation, form design, data entry and validation implementation, report generation, and data analysis. We implement small projects, enterprise-grade systems, and big-data solutions, where a robust database design becomes essential. We develop database designs that effectively solve problems and meet unique needs.

Custom Database Development

At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., we understand the importance of data-driven software, whether web, mobile, desktop, or any other type of application, and offer custom database development services. Our database developers provide you with efficient databases created specifically for your particular project and aimed at resolving business-specific issues in data storage and management. With our custom database software development services, you can expect a comprehensive approach to developing a database with the use of the best database development software that aligns perfectly with your software requirements, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

Database Optimization & Modernization

By leveraging our professional database optimization and modernization services, you can maximize the benefits of your technology development efforts. Our database development services are designed to enhance performance, optimize your data management infrastructure, eliminate bottlenecks, and ensure your database is equipped to handle scalability and increased workload. Database developer experts at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. are dedicated to improving functionality, efficiency, and return on investment across your data assets.

Database Migration

As a part of database development services by Strand Management Solutions, Inc., our team of database solution specialists provides comprehensive assistance with various migration tasks, including server-to-cloud migrations, transitions across different database platforms, or even complete architectural changes. Our expertise covers a wide range of scenarios, such as migrating data from MS Excel to MS Access, transitioning from MS Access to SQL Server, and adopting industry-leading solutions from other products. We prioritize maintaining an uninterrupted workflow and safeguarding data integrity.

Database Support

Our database development service offers continuous support keeping your database well-maintained and optimized to ensure enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness over time. By partnering with Strand Management Solutions, Inc., you gain the expertise of seasoned database developers and administrators who are dedicated to ensuring seamless software performance. They provide ongoing updates, upgrades, and maintenance services that contribute to the success of your business.

Your Top Database Development Company

With over 40 years of experience in assisting organizations with their digital transformation, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is a trusted and reputable database development company based in New Jersey.

We understand the importance of effective database management for businesses. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient solutions that prioritize quality control, consistency, governance, and enhancement.

As a leading custom database development company, we approach each project with a focus on your unique goals. We create a customized strategy tailored to your specific objectives, ensuring that the delivered solution not only meets your immediate needs but also enables long-term improvements and optimization.

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Why Use Our Custom Database Solutions

Our main goal is to deliver high-quality beneficial digital products to our clients. Explore the advantages that our custom database solutions can bring to your business.

Personalized Solution

With our database development solutions for businesses, you’ll receive a personalized approach to your request and a high-performing database that is specifically tailored to meet the data management and storage needs of your organization.

Variety of Services

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers a wide range of services in custom database software development. Our experience and expertise in creating custom database solutions allow us to provide a full set of business database systems from complex data warehouses to end-user databases.

Data Consistency

For businesses of all sizes and domains, data consistency is a critical factor that influences all internal and external operations. Our DB developers build bespoke solutions that ensure and maintain the accuracy and completeness of stored data.

Best Database Technologies

Professionals at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. utilize only the leading technologies and practices to develop custom database solutions ensuring that all delivered databases are highly functional and up-to-date.

Various Industries

We can help businesses in any domain to reach their desired goals with our top-notch custom database development. Our experience working with different sectors includes such industries as automotive, logistics, finance, ecommerce, warehouse management, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, government, law, and insurance.


Our custom database solutions will help you to automate all data-related operations minimizing manual work. Hand over data entry, verification, backups, updates, and other data management tasks to a cloud database solution with a high level of automation.

Our Database Development Process

We follow a proven database development process, ensuring transparency and delivering results that meet clients’ expectations.


Requirement Analysis and Planning

The requirement analysis and planning phase is crucial for determining the database needs of the business organization, including factors such as the type of database required, daily data volume, storage requirements, etc., and creating a comprehensive plan for database building.

Database Conceptual Design

During the database design phase, our database designers select the appropriate database concept that aligns with the organization's needs. They review the analysis documents from the requirement analysis phase to create a system model that fulfills the requirements.

Evaluation and Selection

We evaluate different database management systems and select the one that best suits the organization's needs. User input is valuable in determining the most suitable database system.

Logical Database Design

After the evaluation and selection phase, the logical database design stage begins. This involves converting the chosen design into an internal model, which includes mappings for objects like tables, indexes, views, transactions, and access rights.

Physical Database Design

The physical database design phase focuses on selecting and describing the data storage and access methods for the database. Considerations include the hardware's capabilities and data access techniques, as a well-designed physical structure is essential for optimal performance.


In this stage of the database development process, special storage-related structures, such as storage groups, tablespaces, data files, and tables, are created during the implementation phase to set up the database.

Data Loading

Once the database is created, the data loading phase involves transferring and loading data into the database. Data may require transformation if it's in a different format.

Testing and Performance Tuning

During this phase, thorough testing is conducted to ensure the functionality and performance of the database. Performance tuning techniques are applied to optimize the database's efficiency.


The application programs and end users access the database for data manipulation and decision-making purposes. We also offer end-to-end web and mobile app development to enable data access. In this phase, new data are added, current data are modified, and absolute data are deleted.


Maintenance is an ongoing phase in the database development process. Activities like database backup and recovery, access control, and hardware maintenance are performed to ensure the smooth operation of the database system.

Our Database Technology Stack

Specialists at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. use the best new database technologies to create fast ad secure solutions for enhanced workflows and accelerated business growth.

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server
MS Access
MS Access

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What is database development?

The development of a database involves the creation of a database to organize and store data, as well as the development of web and mobile applications to facilitate access to that data. Services of database development by Strand Management Solutions, Inc. encompass designing and building the database structure, implementing data models, establishing data relationships, and ensuring data integrity.

Why is database important to businesses?

Database development services help companies analyze and optimize their data by creating a structured database architecture and implementing tools for generating meaningful reports. This enables organizations to harness the full potential of their data, make informed decisions, and drive business growth.

How much does database development cost?

Database development cost depends on different factors and usually is estimated for each individual project. The pricing for database development service varies based on factors such as project size, time limits, specific requirements, technologies, and the number of specialists involved. To get an accurate quote, contact Strand Management Solutions.

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