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Web Application Development

Web based applications provide a connection to your clients. Web applications will usually supply and/or receive information that is specific to them. The information is normally tailored to meet the particular needs of your business relationship. Most often a security mechanism is provided that supports access to different levels of information depending on what you have authorized.

Online reporting systems provide your clients with information quickly and simply eliminating the time and resources that emailed or called in requests take. Your client can get the information when it is convenient for them without concern for your normal business hours. Online reporting allows you to service your clients 24 hours per day. If your competition is not doing that you are ahead of them. If they are already doing that you are behind, needing to catch up.

Web applications that gather data eliminate data entry bottlenecks and gather your operational data more quickly and correctly. You can receive data 24 hours per day and from anywhere in the world.

Web content applications allow you to present updated information on your website easily without the delay of contacting a web developer. You can instead update a spreadsheet, text file, or MS Access database and see your web content updated immediately. Make photos or other documents easily available to clients, prospective clients or vendors. Secure login areas can protect your data.

We use Microsoft’s .NET technology in order to quickly provide highly scalable applications. We have developed web database systems that support hundreds of thousands of users. Web applications can either access small collections of database information that were created in desktop databases such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel, or large amounts of data stored in Microsoft SQL Server.

One or more of the project case studies we list below are likely to include needs that are similar to yours:

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