Best SaaS Companies in NYC 2023

Top SaaS Companies in NYC 2023
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Posted at: 11.08.2023

New York City is the leading tech hub in the USA with the fastest rates of growth. Every year more and more organizations employed in the IT industry emerge adding to the broad range of service providers. One of the successful tactics to gain brand recognition and build up clientele is to offer them a ready-made SaaS product or create a unique Software as a Service.

In this article, we explore professional SaaS companies NYC, and their most popular products and services.

Top SaaS companies in NYC

We created a list of seasoned companies and SaaS startups that provide services in NYC. In this chart, you can find the essential details about their work and experience. Find out what top SaaS companies in New York have to offer.

NameFoundedLocationFocusSaaS ProductSaaS Rating
Dataminr2009135 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10016Artificial intelligence, AnalyticsAI platform for real-time event and risk detectionCapterra: 5.0;GetApp: 5.0;Software Advice: 5.0;Overall: 5.0
WorkFusion20091450 Broadway, 19th floor,New York, NY 10018Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Productivity ToolsAI digital workforceCapterra: 5.0;GetApp: 5.0;Software Advice: 5.0;Overall: 5.0
Contentsquare201253 Beach Street New York, NY 10013Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, CRM, Data Visualization, Digital MarketingDigital experience platformCapterra: 4.8;GetApp: 4.8;Software Advice:4.8;Overall: 4.8
Articulate2002244 5th Avenue, Suite 2960 New York, NY 10001E-Learning, EdTech, Software, TrainingWorkplace training platformCapterra: 4.7; GetApp: 4.7; Software Advice: 4.7;Overall: 4.7
AB Tasty2009408 Broadway, New York, NY 10013A/B Testing, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Test and Measurement, Usability TestingAI-driven platforms for user testingCapterra: 4.7;GetApp: 4.7;Software Advice:4.7;Overall: 4.7
Justworks2012P.O. Box 7119, Church Street Station, New York, NYB2B, Compliance, Employee Benefits, Health Insurance, Human Resources, Internet, PaymentsPayroll, benefits, HR, and compliance solutionsCapterra: 4.7;GetApp: 4.7;Software Advice:4.7;Overall: 4.7
Squarespace20038 Clarkson St, New York, NY 10014Developer Tools, E-Commerce Platforms, PublishingAll-in-one content management systemCapterra: 4.6;GetApp: 4.6;Software Advice:4.6;Overall: 4.6
Dataiku2013902 BroadwayNew York, NY 10010Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Integration, Enterprise SoftwareEnd-to-end data platform for AICapterra: 4.6;GetApp: 4.6;Software Advice:4.6;Overall: 4.6
CB Insights2008498 Seventh Avenue 12th floorNew York, NY 10018Analytics, Angel Investment, Database Software, Venture CapitalMarket intelligence platformCapterra: 4.5;GetApp: 4.5;Software Advice: 4.5;Overall: 4.5
Greenhouse Software201218 West 18th Street, 11th FloorNew York, NY 10011B2B, Enterprise Software, RecruitingApplicant tracking software and hiting platformCapterra: 4.5;GetApp: 4.5;Software Advice: 4.5;Overall: 4.5
Hive20161 World Trade Center #46l, New York, NYCollaboration, Enterprise Software, Internet, Productivity ToolsProject management platformCapterra: 4.5;GetApp: 4.5;Software Advice: 4.5;Overall: 4.5
Bizzabo201131 W 27th St 10th Floor, New York, NY Event Management, Marketing, Meeting software, Ticketing  Event management softwareCapterra: 4.5;GetApp: 4.5;Software Advice: 4.5;Overall: 4.5
Yext200661 Ninth Avenue New York, NY 10011Advertising, Enterprise Software, Knowledge Management, Natural Language Processing, Product SearchDigital experience platformCapterra: 4.3;GetApp: 4.3;Software Advice:4.3;Overall: 4.3
UKG2020200 Park Ave S., Second Floor,New York, NY 10003Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Innovation ManagementHR and workforce management solutionsCapterra: 4.3;GetApp: 4.3;Software Advice:4.3;Overall: 4.3
Namely2012195 Broadway, 15th FloorNew York, NY 10007Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Management, Information SystemsAll-in-one platform for HRCapterra: 4.2;GetApp: 4.2;Software Advice: 4.2;Overall: 4.2
Sprinklr200929 West 35th StreetNew York, NY 10001Advertising Platforms, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Social Media, Social Media ManagementUnified customer experience management platformCapterra: 4.2;GetApp: 4.2;Software Advice: 4.2;Overall: 4.2
Unqork2017114 Fifth Avenue 2nd Floor New York, NY 10011Enterprise, Enterprise Applications, Financial Services, FinTech, Insurance, Productivity ToolsNo-code enterprise application platformCapterra: 4.0;GetApp: 4.0;Software Advice:4.0;Overall: 4.0
BetterCloud2011330 7th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10001Apps, Cloud Security, Enterprise Software, IT ManagementSaaS management platformCapterra: 4.0;GetApp: 4.0;Software Advice:4.0;Overall: 4.0
Saturn Cloud201982 Nassau St #933New York, NY 10038Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Machine LearningData science cloud environmentCapterra: 4.8;Gartner: 4.6;Overall: 4.7
Splash2011233 Broadway, 28th Floor, New York, NYEvent Management, Events, MarketingEvent marketing platformCapterra: 4.7;Software Advice:4.7;Overall: 4.7
Clatory20151250 Broadway, Floor 26New York NY 10001-3701Cyber Security, Industrial, Network Security, Healthcare, Commercial, Public SectorCybersecurity platformGartner: 4.4;Overall: 4.4
Cherre2016575 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018Analytics, Big Data, Commercial Real Estate, Data Integration, Real EstateReal Estate Data Management and Analytics PlatformNot rated yet
Vise2016521 Broadway3rd FloorNew York, NY 10012Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTechInvestment management platformNot rated yet

23 top SaaS companies in New York City


Private SaaS companies in New York Dataminr

Dataminr is widely known as one of the leaders among AI companies. Hundreds of customers in more than 100 nations across 6 continents rely on this organization's solutions around-the-clock to assist them in solving practical issues. One of the top private SaaS companies in New York, Dataminr employs over 800 people across seven international offices. Their main SaaS product is a self-titled analytical AI platform that uses information available to the public to identify the first indications of high-impact events and developing threats.


Big SaaS company in New York City Work Fusion

A big SaaS company in New York City, WorkFusion is a creator of an intelligent automation platform intended to improve the use of human intellect through task automation. With the help of the company's platform, businesses may digitize their operations, boost productivity, and enhance service delivery. These solutions are based on artificial intelligence. With the use of pre-trained ExpertBots, unique artificial intelligence technologies, and advanced analytics, WorkFusion is accelerating the shift of the world to more meaningful work. These solutions automate a variety of corporate operations. Although WorkFusion is based in NYC, it also has offices across Europe and Asia.


SaaS companies in New York City Contentsquare

Contentsquare is one of the first SaaS companies in NYC to deliver solutions for digital experience analytics. Although Contentsquare was established in Paris, now has locations all over the world, including an office in New York. The firm’s AI-powered platform offers comprehensive and contextual data about consumer behaviors, feelings, and intent, empowering businesses to develop empathy and make a lasting impression. Contentsquare enables organizations to alter their operations at an enterprise scale while fostering customer trust through security, privacy, and accessibility. 


NYC-based SaaS tech company Articulate

Articulate is an NYC-based SaaS tech company created in 2002. Over the years of working on its Software as a Service product, the company has become a leader in creator tools for workplace learning. The firm’s signature SaaS is Articulate 360 which provides online training classes, e-learning tools, content, and communities. 93% of Fortune 100 firms, 19 of the 20 best-ranked U.S. universities, and businesses from almost every sector are among the company's 40,000+ global clients. More than 500,000 e-learning professionals have trusted Articulate because of their commitment to their needs, giving them the largest following in the sector. 

AB Tasty

Successful SaaS companies in NYC AB Tasty

Customer experience management and feature optimization are two services offered by AB Tasty. It is one of the most successful SaaS companies in NYC 2023 that supports businesses in creating better user experiences and quickly opening up new horizons. Their main goal is to redefine how Marketing, Product, and Tech teams produce Products (websites/apps) by easily deploying new features and messaging using our two platforms (AB Tasty and Flagship by AB Tasty). In order to help companies deliver better products more quickly and increase conversions, engagement, and revenue across all of their digital assets and channels, AB Tasty offers feature management, experimentation, and personalization tools.


Best NYC SaaS companies Justworks

Justworks is one of the best NYC SaaS companies founded in 2012. It offers a platform for managing human resources, including personnel, pay, benefits, and compliance procedures. With Justworks, business owners and their teams have access to automated payroll, compliance assistance, and HR solutions in one convenient environment, much like major companies. Justworks empowers teams of all sizes to work confidently by fusing the strength of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) with knowledgeable 24/7 customer service and a straightforward and accessible platform.


Biggest SaaS companies in New York City Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the biggest SaaS companies in New York City that provides hosting and website-building tools with a subscription-based model that primarily serves entrepreneurs and small companies. In addition to scheduling capabilities, email marketing, member areas for premium material, and design tools for social media and video content, the company also offers a variety of add-on and standalone solutions. As a result, its customers in more than 180 countries are able to maintain a consistent identity across all digital touchpoints and stand out online. 


Leading SaaS companies New York Dataiku

Dataiku is among the leading SaaS companies (New York). It is a provider of a centralized data platform intended to aid enterprises in their data journey from scalable analytics to corporate AI. The business's platform offers predictive modeling and ML capabilities that let users create custom models to support agility in organizations' data efforts through collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI. Customers like GE, FOX News Group, and Unilever utilize Dataiku to make sure that they are expanding exponentially along with the quantity of data they are gathering. 

CB Insights

Top private SaaS companies from NYC CB Insights

One of the top private SaaS companies from NYC on our list, CB Insights, offers a perfect tool for individuals working in private equity, corporate development, venture capital, investment banking, and other fields. The platform for market intelligence is intended to forecast investment performance, technology trends, and corporate health and strategy. Clients can obtain reports and data on privately owned businesses and venture capital investments thanks to the company's market intelligence platform, which analyzes an enormous number of data points.

Greenhouse Software

Top SaaS company in NYC Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse is a hiring software company that has developed its own SaaS products for recruiting and onboarding. The main objective of this top SaaS company is to help businesses become excellent at recruiting. With headquarters in New York City and locations in San Francisco, Denver, and Dublin, Greenhouse supports more than 7,000 customers globally with the help of over 700 workers. The Greenhouse hiring software platform is used by some of the most intelligent and successful businesses, like HubSpot, Buzzfeed, J.D. Power,, Scout24, and The Knot Worldwide, to enhance all areas of hiring and aid in luring top talent. 


Top-notch SaaS technology companies in NYC Hive

Hive is one of the top-notch SaaS technology companies headquartered in New York City. It was launched by John Furneaux and Eric Typaldos in 2015 whose aim was enhancing workspace collaboration. A same-name productivity software by Hive encourages businesses to advance their work. Their platform for productivity is used by global commercial organizations like Starbucks, Uber, IBM, and Netflix, helping in transforming the way people at these client companies work and interact.


Enterprise SaaS companies in New York City Bizzabo

Among the top enterprise SaaS companies in NYC is Bizzabo, a creator of a cloud-based event management platform for live, virtual, and hybrid events. By delivering guest experiences through intelligent and intent-based tailored engagement, the company's platform makes it simpler to develop, organize, and carry out every component of the event lifecycle. This enables businesses to realize the value of business events. Bizzabo is trusted by global brands including Fortune 100 enterprise enterprises, financial institutions, creative agencies, and scaling tech companies to power their events. Bizzabo now employs over 300 people in its offices in New York, Tel Aviv, Kyiv, and London as well as more than 15 other remote sites across the globe.


The most prominent SaaS companies In NYC Yext

Yext is one of the most prominent SaaS companies In NYC that assists businesses in managing their digital knowledge in the cloud and syncing it with about 200 services. Wherever customers, staff, and partners are looking for information, Yext's Answers Platform gathers and arranges content into a Knowledge Graph and then makes use of a complementary collection of products, including Listings, Pages, Reviews, and Search. The company also contributes to the advancement of search intelligence by assisting in the delivery of precise, accurate, and up-to-date responses to location-based searches made using voice, artificial intelligence (AI), and location-based web and mobile applications.


SaaS solution providers in New York City UKG

UKG is one of the top SaaS solution providers for workforce management, payroll, and HR solutions. It has developed an unrivaled portfolio of HR and workforce management solutions. It was created from a historic merger that produced one of the world's top HCM cloud SaaS companies, and now it assists more than 70,000 organizations worldwide with innovative Life-work Technology approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions. Solutions by this enterprise SaaS company from New York City aid businesses in delivering work experiences that accurately capture the relationship between life and work in the modern world across all sectors and locations.


SaaS companies 2023 situated in New York Namely

Namely, one of the best SaaS companies 2023 situated in New York, was established in 2012. It provides clients with the rich capabilities of an all-in-one platform that organizes all HR data in one location and offers individualized assistance to assist businesses in improving and growing more quickly. Namely’s solutions manage HR, payroll, time, and benefits administration and compliance so HR teams can concentrate on investing in their employees and enhancing the employee experience.


SaaS providers in New York Sprinklr

Sprinklr Inc. is one of the successful SaaS providers in New York that facilitates cross-functional collaboration and digital channel communication amongst all customer-facing front office functions, from Customer Care to Marketing. Among its offerings are Modern Marketing and Advertising, Core Platform, Morden Research, Modern Care, and Developer Portal. With the aid of this one of the top enterprise SaaS companies, brands should be able to comprehend the discussions that are most important on platforms like social media, messaging, blogs, and review sites. The Sprinklr platform is used by businesses like Microsoft and McDonald's to help them manage customer interactions at scale.


Top SaaS company in New York Unqork

Another top SaaS company in New York that has gained the world’s recognition for its signature Software as a Service is Upqork. It developed a no-code enterprise application platform assisting businesses in creating, deploying, and managing complicated applications. The company’s platform streamlines the product sales process to improve customer experience and enables users to manage complex applications without writing a single line of code, enabling large companies to create complex custom software faster, with higher quality, and at a lower cost than traditional methods. Upqork focuses on providing solutions for the insurance, finance, and local/state government industries.


SaaS companies in NYC BetterCloud

In terms of SaaS Operations, BetterCloud is one of the top SaaS companies in NYC. The IT staff of this SaaS technology company is now responsible for monitoring and safeguarding 110+ SaaS apps due to the 38% Year over Year growth in SaaS adoption. BetterCloud offers the industry-leading SaaS management platform, helping IT teams to reduce their SaaS administration workload by up to 78%. In a multi-SaaS context, the company’s product automates security rules, SaaS application access & entitlements, offboarding, and mid-lifecycle adjustments.

Saturn Cloud

Top SaaS companies 2023 in New York Saturn Cloud

One of the top SaaS companies 2023 in New York, Saturn Cloud, is a creator of a data science platform intended to give the data science team a cloud workspace. Businesses can create and use Python data science models thanks to the company's platform, which provides data science teams with high-leverage automation capabilities like one-click publishing and sharing and cuts down on hours of manual effort. With the help of Saturn Cloud, teams create AI and ML models in the cloud using any necessary hardware, such as high-memory computers, GPU processors, and Dask clusters. NVIDIA, Nestle, Custom Ink, Mercury Insurance, and more businesses select Saturn Cloud to build AI.


SaaS companies in NYC Splash

Splash is one of the first-class private SaaS companies in NYC that offers its platform with extensive capabilities for event marketers and field marketing teams. With the help of Splash, they can plan, develop, and carry out hybrid, online, and in-person event programs that engage participants, produce unique experiences, and increase business value. Customers use Splash SaaS to develop their own branded, interconnected, and legal event programs in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days or weeks. Products of this best SaaS company in New York enable businesses to sell, measure, and scale their event programs in previously impractical ways by fusing data, design, and intelligent automation. 


SaaS startups in New York City Clatory

One of the first-class SaaS startups in New York City called Claroty specializes in industrial cybersecurity and aids clients in discovering, safeguarding, and managing their OT, IoT, and IIoT assets. With a significantly lower total cost of ownership, the company's platform integrates seamlessly with customers' existing infrastructure and software while offering a full suite of industrial cybersecurity controls for visibility, threat detection, risk and vulnerability management, and secure remote access. Aside from its office in NYC, the business has operations in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America.


SaaS brands in NYC Cherre

Cherre is recognized as one of the best SaaS brands in NYC leading in the sector of real estate data and statistics. This company provides decision-makers with access to reliable market and real estate source information so they can decide more quickly and wisely. Clients are given the ability to assess possibilities and trends more quickly and correctly because of Cherre's special "single source of truth," which also helps clients save millions of dollars on manual data collecting and analytics costs. The New York-based SaaS company also offers software products to insurance firms and startups. 


List of SaaS companies in New York City Vise

Vise belongs to our top list of SaaS companies in New York City. This organization is the owner of a portfolio management platform designed to use artificial intelligence to automate investment management for financial advisors. Financial advisors can access customized and intelligent investment technologies through the company's platform, which creates tailored portfolios utilizing single securities with automated trading and ongoing rebalancing, as well as designing customized portfolios for clients, organizing portfolios, and delivering continuing intelligence. 

NYC SaaS firms FAQ

What is considered a SaaS company?

Let’s answer the popular question “What’s a SaaS company?”. SaaS companies are businesses that use software to offer services to clients. These companies independently develop, host, and maintain the product. A SaaS-based company can expand without raising its costs of product delivery and have instant access to a limitless global market.

How to choose the best SaaS company in New York City?

Here are some factors to consider (aside from the core functionality of your desired SaaS) before making the choice of the best SaaS company in NYC for your business.

  1. Define your needs and expectations. Different Software as Service companies offer various digital products. To find the best one for your case, you need to identify what exactly your business is in need of, and what capabilities you expect to get from your future SaaS.
  2. Consider integration. A professional SaaS company NYC will ensure your SaaS integrates perfectly into business operations without causing any workflow disruptions. Strand Management Solutions, Inс. is a specialist in system integration services.
  3. Scalability. Make sure the chosen NYC SaaS company provides sufficient capabilities for growth and scaling adjusting software to your growing team. 
  4. Costs transparency. If you choose SaaS platform providers with a subscription basis, check their pricing plans thoroughly to be sure there are no hidden fees. We recommend requesting the development of your own Software as a Service that will be more cost-efficient for your business in the long run. Contact Strand Management Solutions, Inc., an experienced provider of SaaS development services in NY.
  5. Support. The best enterprise SaaS companies have to offer qualified support and user training for your business. It allows you to use your SaaS product in the most effective way and be certain of the quality of its performance.


We hope our list of the 23 top SaaS companies NYC-based presented in this article will give you more insights into the market and possible options to choose from.

Your ideal SaaS solution should have the following qualities: dependability, efficiency, security, and flexibility in how it can be used. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. provides qualified business technology consulting services to help you select the best SaaS company that will offer the right set of capabilities for your business. Our professional developers also can create a perfect Software as a Service solution on your request with all the needed features and functions to effectively advance your business. Contact us to start productive cooperation.

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