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Build the right strategy to increase business productivity with the top technology know-how and innovation-focused minds of Strand Management Solutions. Our expert business technology consulting services will help you reach your objectives.

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Our Business Technology Consulting Services

With more than 40 years of experience, we have unmatched expertise in business technology consulting services. The experts at Strand Management Solutions use superior business technology consulting experience to enable the expansion, improvement, and safety of your IT infrastructure.

All-inclusive Business Technology Consulting Services

Unlock the benefits of our technology consulting services and get new growth opportunities for your organization. We provide unique strategies and proven methods to enhance productivity across your IT stack. Our qualified consultants create efficient plans for your network, cloud, technology development, security, project management, and more, so you can concentrate on managing your business.

Cloud Consulting

Ensure a seamless innovation and scaling of your company in the cloud by partnering with a skilled business and technology consulting provider like Strand Management Solutions, Inc. With our tried-and-true methodology and technological know-how, we guarantee that your cloud environment operates at peak efficiency, Cloud consulting provides you with continuous access to your big data and apps empowering your business to overcome obstacles and increase ROI.

IT Strategy Consulting

As part of our IT strategy consulting services, we develop comprehensive strategies to help you make wise investments in successful IT solutions. Our strategy and tech consultant service includes creating extensive plans that define necessary processes for accomplishing particular business goals. Strand Management Solutions, Inc. performs IT budgeting as a crucial component of our IT planning process. We carefully consider all assets, resources, and potential expenses to ensure a systematic approach.

Tech Management Consulting

Drive your business towards improved management efficiency by using our technology & management consulting guidance. At Strand Management Solutions, Inc., our business technology consulting services help you create tailored solutions that align your product management with current market trends, attracting customers and increasing your return on investment. Businesses can take advantage of our tech management consulting services regardless of their industry.

IT Training and Mentoring

Empower your personnel with the necessary knowledge to utilize your IT infrastructure confidently and effectively, maximizing the value of the implemented technology and enabling them to resolve issues with a deeper understanding of the processes. As a leading provider of business technology consulting services, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. ensures that your staff members receive the necessary security awareness and technology training to maintain the efficiency and safety of your business. Our goal is to enhance the skills of your staff, enabling them to perform more productively.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

As part of our business technology consulting service, we provide comprehensive IT infrastructure analyses to help you assess the efficiency of various components of your IT infrastructure. Our goal is to assist you in identifying weaknesses and breaches that may result in unjustified costs. With this knowledge, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. offers advice and recommends suitable IT solutions to improve the weak points in your infrastructure and reduce costs.

Security Risk Management

As experienced specialists in business and technology consulting services, we prioritize the dependability and security of your IT systems, protecting them against hacker attacks and data breaches. Our IT consulting service offers thorough risk assessment to help you establish trusting relationships with your clients and ensure the security of their data. Through multilevel testing, we evaluate your security system, identify its issues, and develop a complete risk management plan.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

As part of our business technology consulting services, we offer professional data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Our team of expert IT consultants at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. can help prevent operational disruptions caused by data loss or damage by implementing regular backups and a reliable disaster recovery strategy. This proactive approach efficiently protects firms from reputational damage by providing methods and technologies to secure their most critical data.

Your Go-To Information Technology Consulting Company

Strand Management Solutions, Inc., one of the top-tier tech consulting companies, has been assisting client companies with their digital transition for many years. Our expertise in strategy formulation, IT infrastructure assessment, and advisory on digital solutions ensures a consistent acceleration of business development. With a team of experts, our information technology services and consulting company provides consultation to clients in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, where our HQ is, and across the entire country. As one of the top technology consulting companies, Strand Management Solutions continuously identifies the best technical options for project implementation, workforce and customer management, and other business needs. Our primary focus as a business technology consulting company is to support the creation of IT strategies that lead to success.

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We are the Top Business Tech Consultant

You can rely on our technology business systems consultants to provide high-quality solutions and support for your technology integration, management, and maintenance needs. By implementing the appropriate tactics and methods recommended by our IT experts, you can improve your company's growth potential.

Our team of top business technology consultants possesses extensive knowledge in a wide range of tech-related topics and domains, enabling them to provide valuable insights and suggestions.
Our tech consulting services offer increased cost-effectiveness by providing access to IT resources on an as-needed basis, eliminating the need for permanent in-house specialists, which can be more expensive.
Whether you require our IT experts for short-term or long-term cooperation, our services can be customized to meet your specific needs.
You will receive comprehensive technical advice on how to execute your company’s IT strategy effectively.
Our team of business technology consultants will recommend techniques and technologies to modernize your existing environment with minimal disruption and at a reasonable cost.
With the expertise of our technology business systems consultants at Strand Management Solutions, Inc., your current business and operations will operate more efficiently.
With our business tech consultant service, you can have peace of mind knowing that accurate assessment and testing will be conducted to identify and solve any issues, ensuring the effectiveness and security of your IT systems.

Consulting Process by Our Business Technology Consulting Firm

As one of the most experienced business technology consulting firms, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. adheres to proven service-performance methods, ensuring our clients achieve their targeted objectives.



As a qualified business and technology consulting firm, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. initiates each project with a comprehensive analysis of requirements, conducting a feasibility study and assessing the client's infrastructure to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy Development

Our team develops a strategy that aligns the expertise of our professionals with the transformation concept and the client's unique business model

Execution Plan

Once the strategy is developed, we create a comprehensive plan that outlines the stakeholders, deadlines, financial constraints, roles, and technology stack required to achieve the intended results.

Resource Distribution

Our business tech consulting firm's resource distribution specialists are highly skilled in effectively allocating available resources and are well-versed in navigating challenges that arise from working under constraints.


As one of the top business technology consulting firms, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. excels in planning and executing the chosen strategy, effectively managing the process, and closely monitoring progress.


We pay attention to the post-implementation phase, ensuring that your solution remains aligned with your corporate goals by providing continuous upgrades and optimization.

Industries Our Business Technology Consulting Covers

Work with a reputable business technology consulting partner that understands your industry. As one of the leading consultancies, Strand Management Solutions, Inc. has extensive experience working with a diverse range of sectors.

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Arrows Icon Real Estate
Arrows Icon Government / Law
Arrows Icon Finance
Arrows Icon Market Research
Arrows Icon Manufacturing
Arrows Icon Warehouse / Inventory
Arrows Icon Healthcare /
Arrows Icon Automotive /

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Why choose Strand Management Solutions, Inc. to be your provider of business technology consulting?

We take a unique approach to each IT strategy, focusing on the requirements of our clients. Our completely tailored IT consultant services are created for your small business. The IT consultants team at The Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is made up of knowledgeable professionals with more than 40 years of IT experience. We also provide technical staff training to improve performance further.

Why use business tech consulting services from Strand Management Solutions, Inc. instead of my in-house IT staff?

Strand Management Solutions, Inc. is intended to assist your own team, not to take their place. Our staff can help with needs assessment, conduct research on the products and services needed to meet those needs and provide implementation support. If you need help with projects that you either don't have time for or don't think are exactly within the scope of your expertise, our IT consulting firm is here to help.

How long do I need business technology consulting?

Depending on your needs, you can need the help of an IT consultant for a short while or for a long time. The experts at Strand Management Solutions, Inc. are prepared for software installs that just take one day or longer IT networking projects that could take more than a year.

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