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Web, Software & Database Development Company in New Jersey

We are a database, web and custom software development firm located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. We provide custom software solutions that enable businesses to increase their competitive edge. Founded in 1979, we have 30 years of experience providing quality applications delivered on time and within budget.

Our clients come to us primarily for our technical expertise.

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We further distinguish ourselves by providing recommendations and guidance that incorporate their larger business goals and objectives. We fully explore our client’s needs to gain a broader understanding of the problem so we can inform them of the alternative solutions. We offer cost benefit analysis and consider longer term contingencies. Even though we do high level analysis and planning, our solutions are practical and realistic.

We specialize in systems that are attractively designed, logically organized, and easy to use. We provide a full range of technical and support services. We bring a team of developers to the project, each with unique strengths, for the highest quality result.

Strand solutions gain their power from the broad-based knowledge and expertise of our consultants. Our project managers, analysts, and programmers are experienced creative problem solvers who understand both the intricacies of the technologies they use and of the business problems they’re solving.

Our development efforts are primarily centered on Microsoft standard products and technologies. We develop applications using the C#.Net and VB.Net languages with SQL Server and Oracle databases. We also develop applications using desktop relational database languages such as Microsoft Access and Visual FoxPro. We offer services that help you evaluate and integrate systems that use these products.

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David Krumholz
609-642-4666 Ext. 103